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Greg I'm an older guy as is Andrew and have to practice some time management as I only have about 3 hours a day of real lucid quality time and that only if I do a schedule of certain things starting 2 days before.  I have to operate within my limits.  Last week I tried to read a reply to group from a famous writer and lecturer now retired who does video appearances and is always top notch and polished.  This reply was apparently done off the cuff and though well intentioned was totally incomprehensible.  It was like a stream of consciousness from dream time where only every fifth word was recorded and that in a phonetic equivalent rather than a real word.  So if you go outside of Andrew's current limits , you may not get the same Andrew or the one you want.


Why not do just an hour interview ?    If it goes well and Andrew holds up and doesn't miss a curtain call at Ancient Aliens then he may

be able and willing to do another soon after next day or nest week.   1+1 = 2   If not then just do the single 1 hour.  We all listened to 1 hour shows before becoming plus members.



Posted : June 18, 2022 1:32 PM