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I have seen what was called to me “ectoplasm” by Herman Slater from the Magickal Childe way back when I was in the military.

I was in the dark with my friend in a small 4′ x 4′ side room in the missile compartment on a submarine under water like 600′ off the coast in the south Atlantic. I was meditating underway in this room with my friend. He was mediating sort of. Verbally counting out the task a form of chakram relaxation. Red orb visualizing your chest…blue light my throat area..and white my head…You experience the colors or lights in your mind’s eye rolling up through you etc.

We finished I was very calm…super relaxed. My eyes had slightly adjusted to the darkness of the room. I heard or felt something …like a noise almost. And white light started growing…forming out of the darkness near my head to the left side of it. It was expanding in the room like the size of a softball growing larger…and you could see the darkness around it…pushing on it…and it against it. Like striated not a perfect sphere at all.

The second my brain was like “what is that and what is trying to get in..” it slowly collapsed. To be clear my mind did not think anything of it at first…I was calm and peaceful feeling. But my animal brain had a chill or fear and it started to collapse. My friend Tony said “whoooa….did you see that!” I was like “see what!”. He described it to me perfectly ..accept he saw a red dot below it as well.

When I described this to Herman Slater …he would not look at me…and was sitting in his chair at the door the entry to the Childe. He whisked his fingers in the direction of the shelves without looking at me. “Ectoplasm…isle x. Look for Alice Bailey” … It felt weird to me that he would just blow it off like it was nothing. I walked away to the isle and he looked up from his book and started at me. When I looked back at him he turned away. That place the Magical Childe was a wierd…wierd place and in my youth I did a ton of reading on this stuff.

If anyone has an answer for this...I would appropriate it. There is much more to my intrigue while on board the Nuclear Submarine. But that is for a later time.

Posted : November 14, 2018 8:11 AM