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Gordon White | Mutual Flourishing In 2020, Conspiracy Yoga, & The Timeline

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Back with the one and only, Gordon White! Can’t wait to hear this one.

Edit: Funny how he brings synchronicities with him! Literally dropped off a few postcards after they'd been sitting for a while, when he comes up and advised to do just that, and I'm not the post-card type of person usually (return to the analogue!). Incredible, mate!
Thank you Greg, and thank you Gordon!

Posted : January 19, 2020 8:29 AM
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Gordon is great and he brings a calm mind and perspective to some crazy times.
I can’t help wondering though how he manages to take so much incredible wisdom and spiritual practice and knowledge from so many Ancient cultures with as much respect as he does; yet consider their cosmology completely wrong and put his trust in the hands of some white guys who were ‘initiated into the club’.
Every Ancient culture prior to the Roman and Greek Empire had a Cosmology of a flat plane with a system of stars that rotated above and around us. They had incredibly detailed star system maps and knew of the various wandering stars “planets” long before us.
We take so much information; especially about nature and the earth from these wise cultures; yet are we to think that they stupidly got the shape wrong? All of them? Often separated by vast times and distance?
Egyptian. Nordic, Native American, Ancient Hebrew, Hindu, Chinese, Polynesian, Ancient Hebrew, Mayan, Incan, Persian, Slavic, Babylonian, Sumerian - silly old fools must have got it wrong.

Posted : January 21, 2020 6:34 AM
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Gordon has been the first breath of existential fresh air I've had all year. He's got an awesome insight.

Posted : January 23, 2020 2:46 AM
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Being an Iroquois person, I found myself through the years yearning for the same experiences and evidences that Greg is currently seeking on his Journey. Having returned home after years on the road, returning back to my people and ceremonies becoming unplugged from media cities and the rat race itself. I find myself on the edge of these experiences almost ready to take the next step.
Oddly enough it is through this community, Greg himself and his guests I have found the courage to take that next step deep into my own culture.
It is a hard thing to discuss as Greg says this information is not for everyone but I feel compelled to share. With like-minded people in an open community able to discuss a wide range of issues without judgment.
There are things that I have experienced help my face and beliefs in the other side and I hope to be able to record and put these into words for the community and the future. Synchronicity seems to be at an all-time high in my life right now especially given the gas on one of the only programs I tune into during the day.
Finally I would just like to say as I have not seen any comments about it, I really enjoyed hearing your side of the story Greg. Your experiences your beliefs your progression your Ups your Downs your achievements your mistakes make you human and also what gives me such faith in your direction of this podcast. Common Sense isn't all that common but you have created a community that means something and enables conversation / sharing.
Cheers Greg, cheers community , until next time

Posted : January 23, 2020 3:57 AM
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Learning that Gordon is a Jewish Homosexual (the hole that shit comes out of is NOT a sex-organ, btw) explains a lot about his disdain for the same Western Civilization he benefits from living in.

Sorry, Gordo, but I'm not going out to apologize to the 'native Americans'. Interesting that only 'white' people are expected to feel guilty about their ancestors, eh?

I wonder what he thinks about the Jewish Ethno-State of Israel? Maybe Gordo should go apologize to the Palestinians.


Posted : January 25, 2020 1:11 AM
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I also had to laugh at Gordon kind-of playing the Victim Card about being Jewish & Gay...these groups are, in fact, two of the most coddled & even promoted by TPTB in the West.

GTFO w/that BS, Gordo!


Posted : January 25, 2020 1:25 AM
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Still unsure whether we should head towards the tunnel of light and through to the garden as Gordon describes- or beware the tunnel and DON'T head for it , as it's a trick, laid by the Archons etc to enslave us back. Greg brought up the two ideas but it wasn't really expounded on, so I'm still confused which way to head when I "croak" = Any thoughts ?

Posted : January 25, 2020 5:17 AM
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Just because you believe the "manipulated chronology" theory to be less interesting than the Aboriginals' skills with time itself doesn't mean that the topic is not worth attention and rigorous investigation. The idea that mysterious power-hungry families from Germany and Denmark took over the royal families in the 1600's whilst 50% of the population died is compelling. The idea that there are old unexplained buildings in Japan is compelling.

I have been on an underground tour in Seattle and seen partially buried buildings in Portland which are both West Coast cities that are supposedly not even settled as old as Spanish colonized cities in California. I saw for my own eyes these lower levels and the only word I can say about this worldwide phenomena is that it can't be out-rightly dismissed unless there were photographs of these buildings being built or what caused the flooding, etc.

Now, Max Igan is a racist trans-phobic rolling garbage fire, but Ms. Ivanowa has done many years of research and her efforts deserve more respect. I know that her boundaries aren't sometimes the greatest when it comes to dinosaur artifacts and such, but you said yourself that time is a funny thing and you are guilty of asking leading questions, well every other question.

Just because it is not your topic of choice that you can sound smart prognosticating about doesn't mean that you should be so dismissive. I find it irresponsible and repugnant that you have done so.

I have listened to every one of your podcasts, and Greg's too. I don't have plus but I have in the past and may again. I tried to listen to your podcast and I just can't. I've lost respect for you and I don't want to hear your mouth move anymore. I may listen in the future, but you have lost a FAN.

Greg: please keep asking these questions!!! I know that the number of researchers who deserve respect in this field is scant, but don't give up. I am open to this idea being wrong, but I'd like it formally dis-proven, not dismissed.

Posted : January 25, 2020 2:04 PM