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Snakes on invisible ufo and lots more

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Topic starter This is short video I shot on my iPhone that was on a tripod. I was looking through the camera at the time but didn’t see it. They show up the second I hit record. They’re moving in fast motion like a Benny Hill comedy routine if it were a skit, I’d name it UFO drivers Ed. Whats really interesting or the close-up screenshots. I saw this about 4:30 AM and later that night on a different phone I filmed a giant lizard that I couldn’t see with my eyes only through the camera. They have some plasma people that I like better. They pulse and seem more natural and from the earth. I think the snake people are from the previous age before people and they’re pissed.I think the Muslims, especially the Sufis have a lot to teach us about so-called UFOs and alien encounters. This is filmed in rural Louisiana southern part. I have encounters all the time. After listening to Dr. winter on the episode a couple of weeks ago I decided to introduce myself and got a response. It was positive. I said what my name was and that I wasn’t worshiping themThat I was a Christian and I offered them some tea and fruit. As soon as I started talking a mini shooting star passed by. And about three other objects that look like stars start moving around , one was blinking different colors lights . Anyone else have a similar experience?

Posted : August 30, 2021 1:23 AM