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My strange encounter

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My encounter happened February 19, 2022 in Kirkwood, Missouri, a small town on the outskirts of St. Louis. It was a calm, cold night and I was home with my two boys and our German Shepard. My youngest and myself were watching TV in the front room of our house when our dog walked over to the front door and signaled she needed to go outside. I bundled up and proceeded to take her to the front yard to do her business. We got out to the usual spot and I encouraged her to do her business. She kept sniffing around and barking in a protective voice towards my neighbors bushes. Now she had done this a number of time in the past, so I just kept trying to encourage her to do her thing. Finally after 5 minutes of standing out in the bitter cold with her barking at the bushes the majority of the time, I directed her back to the house. It wasn't 15 minutes later that she was back at the front door wanting to go back out. When we got back outside, she continued the same behavior she displayed the first time. Again, not doing her business after close to 10 minutes, we went back in so I could warm up. This continued every 10-20 minutes. Around the 4th trip outside, the dog still displaying the same behavior, I was about ready to direct her back into the house when I caught a glimpse of a shadow running between my house and the neighbors house that my dog was barking at. It appeared to be the shadow of a human figure, and I just wrote it off as a local kid running between the yards, maybe playing a game of hide and seek with others. We proceeded back into the house,  where, almost immediately this time my dog wanted to go back out. I begrudgingly whipped the door back open and directed her back to the same spit we had been 5 times before in the hour. She immediately went back to barking towards the bushes next door. About 30 seconds later, I started to feel a tingle at the base of my tail bone, that then started moving up my spine, like a slow moving electrical pulse, reaching my head making my hair feel like it was standing on end. At that very moment, I heard what sounded like the leaves in my neighbors oak tree behind me start to rustle together. It started off faint and over the course of 30 seconds built to a crescendo of what sounded like the entire tree vibrating. By this point, my dog and myself stood silent, staring at the tree the noise was coming from. There was no breeze. It was a dead silent, cold February night. There were no insects that could be doing this I thought to myself. After about 15 seconds of what sounded like the entire tree rustling its dead leaves together, the noise slowly started to dissipate. My dog and I stood in dead silence staring at the tree for 5 seconds, when suddenly, the silence was broken by "something" making a sound that can only be described as an unknown bird call..."KNUCK......knuck,knuck,knuck" followed immediately by another unknown source about 100 yards away repeating this call. At this point, I decided it was best to be in the confines of my house, as I have "ZERO" clue what was watching me that night.

Posted : November 1, 2022 9:10 PM
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Had a similar experience way back when I was 15 walking home one night.  Strange "bird" noise (frankly, it sounded digitized/ electronic) coming from the back of a vacant lot.... then from directly behind a privacy fence a little farther along the walk.  I started walking faster/ almost jogging.  When the noise was right over my head, I bolted as fast as I could all the way home.


Posted : April 2, 2023 10:33 PM