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A UFO performed for me

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This is the story of one of my 2 UFO experiences. The second one isn’t that interesting to tell but the first one is.  It wasn’t a sighting so much as it was more like a performance. 

As personal experiences go for me, this was second tier because it didn’t involve any entities.  I don’t know who or what was in the craft.

It was, never the less, quite spectacular in the backdrop of an afternoon blue sky.

But I've never made a big deal about it.  I understand that you kinda needed to be there but it was a powerful experience, no doubt. Such a thing can become a burden if someone becomes obsessed with discovering the meaning or purpose.  To be fair, at this point, later in life, given the things that have come before, I don’t need to find those things.

I was on the front porch of our house. The house was directly in line with take offs and sometimes landings for the local airport with limited air traffic.  The jets were thousands of feet high by the time they reached the house.  But small planes, single and twin turbo-prop  planes could be lower, even under 1000 feet.

It was a brilliant, cloud free day.  Nothing but blue sky.  I saw smoking a cigar and listening to a book. I saw, then heard a twin turbo plane coming from the airport. It first got my attention because it seemed to move so slowly and because it was solid white making a pleasing contrast to the blue sky. So I watched it approach the house.

Suddenly, I thought the plane changed shape to a solid tube shape like an airship or, a submarine.  But then, no it's still the airplane, the engines were quite loud.  Then the plane was at the house.  It passed over 30 feet to the right and under 1k feet. With the sky so clear, height is hard to determine but it was low. It passed the porch overhang and I lost sight of it even though it was close.  Then, the sound of the engines stopped, complete silence.

I ran out from under the overhang to where I could see the plane.  It was no longer a plane.  It was now a solid white, rectangular craft.  It had a dome which I though was on the top of the craft which was facing straight up and slowly the opposite direction the plane had been traveling. When it reached a certain height, it leveled out and "surfaced' exactly like a sub popping out of the water and surfacing over it’s wake.

I looked down for a reason I can't remember and then I heard the sound of the engines and there was the plane, on it's original vector.  And then it was gone leaving me to wonder why I didn't grab my phone off the porch and take pictures but I had to watch.  I have a feeling that's not an accident.  As always, no meaning or understanding of why this happened. 

Posted : August 23, 2022 3:42 PM