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I have one memory of what I strongly suspect was a MILAB.  I recovered the memory while I was meditating, and did so quite by accident, as I was attempting to astrally project at the time.


I recall being in some sort of gurney/hospital bed.  Everything around me was fairly white and nondescript, expect I had a sense that there were people on either side of me.  I couldn't really move at the time and felt really groggy.  It's like I was in some sort of staging/holding area, and this is a really frightening idea to me because it implies that whom/whatever was doing this is doing it in a systematic way.


My memory then shifted ahead a little bit, and I was strapped into some sort of chair.  Again I was really groggy and barely lucid, and in front of me I saw what I assume were two people wearing nondescript white lab coats.  The reason I say I 'assume' is because the actual person part of my memory had been edited out or erased.  Like, I could see the two before me, and I can make out the lab coats, but anything beyond that is just this odd scratchy mass of white and black lines.  It's like someone literally went and scribbled out the human part.


These two people were curiously examining my left eye.  They were really close, like sort of up in my face, and shining a bright light into said left eye.  At this point, one of the two scientists produced a large needle, and then slowly inserted it into my eye.  The memory of having pain there is really vivid.  At this point my concentration was ruined and I could no longer meditate.


I had another weird 'dream' about two weeks ago at this point.  I was in some sort of medical setting, and I was NOT HAPPY.  There were five other people in the room with me, and I'm fairly positive they were actual people and not, like, aliens or anything like that.  Four of these five people were holding me down, and I was viciously fighting back against them, trying to get away.


The fifth person came over and shoved a massive hollow needle into my left hip/thigh.  I know they were extracting bone marrow, but I do not know why.  The pain memory associated with this is incredibly intense, and I can't think about this for more than a few moments otherwise I get stuck in a flashback and this is NOT fun to relive.  And, oddly, my left hip/thigh has been kind of achey lately.  I've never had problems like this before, with said region of my body.  I also have never given bone marrow before.

Posted : June 3, 2022 12:26 AM
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Omg I woke up with strange pain in my left hip bone this morning! Ya got me checking for holes!!


dude, these memories are not very cool. I feel for you, it can’t be that comfortable to have them. 

Posted : June 3, 2022 6:09 PM
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@socalfungal Thank you.  I hope they're not going after you too! :<

Posted : June 4, 2022 2:44 AM