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   Rock me like a hurricane higher side chatters, from the Golden State, I'm Tommy and I'm happy to be here. Okay I'll stop trying so hard to sound like Greg. Anywho, as I said, golden state representing. I travel for work however and am everywhere and anywhere at any given time and The higher side chats has been a most valued traveling companion for me for three years now. I just signed up for THC Plus and was thrilled to see that not only does the paid account include video of the podcast but the "show notes" Greg always mentions. I always figured that those were his personal notes for himself. Very cool. Anyhow, i greatly miss the days when message boards were all the buzz, before facebook seemed to have fucked that up so I'll be around lurkin and hopefully having some fun and insghtful conversations.


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Posted : November 29, 2023 7:42 AM