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I'm not new, but I've never posted

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Hello all. I'm not new, but I've never posted to the forum. Really all I would like to do is say how much I appreciate THC. About half of my podcasts are political, and my favored half use terms and phrases like the powers that shouldn't be or the left right delusion. I find both useful to listen to, especially with a fiancé that's a political junkie. 

Anyways, when it comes to THC, I don't even have to be interested in the subject for it to be a good episode. 

Greg, you make every episode worth listening to. You brighten my day at work when an episode comes out. I have only three podcasts that I find worthwhile enough to pay for, and you are one of them. 

Thank you. I will try to do ratings and stuff in the future. I haven't participated well enough in those manners. 

Happy holidays and well wishings to all

Posted : January 6, 2024 4:16 AM