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Why don’t we ever talk about the 9/11 fake planes/cgi theory?

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I used to think this one was wayyy off the deep end. After checking out the community septemberclues.info, and seeing how active the community and evidence is. Remembering the world in 2001 compared to now, this one scratches an itch. No matter how bizarre something seems, it should be investigated.

Posted : July 3, 2022 4:54 AM
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Good listen. Some 9/11 rabbit trails I am unfamiliar with and should follow up on:
PTech and the 9/11 Software

I'm open to no planes theory, or exotic weaponry or similar tacks vis-a-vis 9/11.  A lot of good 9/11 researchers (Ryan Dawson comes to mind) really dismisses these 'crackpot' angles of the towers.  I think James Corbett does, too.  That video of the plane entering the south tower though looks like obvious CGI to me.  

It probably is a bit small picture to get very autistic into the mechanisms of the tower collapses.  Even focuses all one's conspiratorial energy on 9/11 is a bit wasted by now.  Still, I guess somebody's gotta' do it (or is gonna' do it), so have at it if it's your bliss, as Joseph Campbell says.


Judy Wood's presentations have made sense to me, regarding the 'dustification'.  There's a lot of detractors to that position, too, though.  Nanothermite, mini nukes, Mossad art students (Gelatin/E-Thing) prepping the columns, the obvious pre-planned controlled demo of Building 7 (and the 9/11 Commission not mentioning this structure even once...), Henry Kissinger being the first nominee to head up that the 9/11 commission, the absence of debris in Shanksville, PA...   I mean...

Debunking the 9/11 No-Planes Theory

Dr. Judy Wood – 9/11 Directed Energy Weapon

Another fun link.

Posted : July 8, 2022 9:12 AM
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