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Thoughts on Ye’s symbol posted on twitter

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Just a thought…. I heard about the speaking out of Ye and how he was kicked off the Twitter. I don’t follow this stuff but when I heard he posted a swastika, I looked up the image. My first thoughts when I seen the upright swastika woven into the 6 pointed star…. Symbol of the Sun, light and life, cycles and time. Six pointed star… triangle means 3 and 3 could be seen as Mother Father Child, Trinity, natural creation. If 3 is Natural Creation  then 6 could be intentional creation. 2 triangles flipped on each other could also be seen as a symbol for As above So below….

I then image searched the posted symbol and came across a group called “Rael” that use this symbol. I looked at their website and in the FAQ’s they state that they do not condone and pedophilia and will report allegations to the police. Also in googling this group I came across an article that states the Rael group is attempting to open a treatment facility in Africa for female genital mutilation.

Being skeptical of all things I see and read…. I thought this situation is fascinating. 

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Did you read much more about them? 

They are an obvious cult 


Pat on the back that they are against pedophilia LOL but doesn't look like a group worth drawing attention to. Cults always have something most people can agree on, thats what draws you in...