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Remote-viewing: help find lost dog

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Hey there higherside, my boyfriends dog has been missing for a month and sightings of him stopped after the first few days. I suspect he has either been killed or taken in by somebody, either of which is possible because we live in a loosely populated area outside of Fairbanks, AK and he is the sweetest, smartest, loving dog full of personality that brings joy to anyone he meets. Saying that we miss him dearly is an understatement; he is part of our family. 

If you know somebody that can remote-view and find him, let me know.

Thank you,

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Hi Amber…new to membership here. And super sorry to hear ! I have a husky myself and know the love (and how susceptible they are to absconding!).

I pulled up a Horary chart (I’m only really starting studying Horary so apologies if it a bit basic) for your question…hope that’s ok!

This chart is saying he’s alive and well (6th house of pets cusp ruled by the sun, whose ruler, Jupiter is dignified, ruling pisces, a changeable water sign…this indicates comfort, but temporary. Looks to me like he could be being cared for in a temporary comfortable place…being so loveable, I’m sure that’s the case.
I use a specific house system for Horary, Regiomontanus (will attach). Here it shows the 6th taking up so much space, nearly 5 signs.
A month has passed. This huge space says to me to not give up until 6 months have passed. However…it could indicate about 6 weeks…his significators ruler, Jupiter, will move into Aries around the 20th December, making a positive trine aspect to his significator, the sun. I’m sorry I can’t see clues as to where exactly he might be…possible pound, don’t give up yet. Possible news around the 20th.
Lots of love to you all.

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What's his name?