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THC theme song covers for 2023

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I'm pretty sure it's "last close chested view" I have submitted a cover as well, more of a sci fi rock version. You can listen to it here

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Hey guys! Just wanted to chime in with the email to send your versions to ( and the official lyrics:

The planet’s puppet masters almost surely have a plan
There’s clearly maybe something there beyond the realm of man
And until you’ve thoroughly tested every last close-chested view
I find the more you think you know the less you really do.

Where would we be without THC?
Cause we know they’re lying to us, just don't know to what degree.
Where would we be without THC?
The Higherside chats show, with Greg Carlwood and company

It's a simple song, but my intention was to cover the spread between conspiracy/paranormal, get the name of the show in there, & keep it under a minute-ish. So that's what we got. Have at it!

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