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Excuse me, Mr. Carlwood

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This will be quick. 

First, why are you so hard to reach out to? THIS HERE seems to be the most likely way, although then again maybe not. I was hoping my $8 a month at least got me a "contact us" link revealed, even if the inbox is ignored!

I jest, I know I know you're busy - we're needy and annoying. It's like parenthood on large, digital scale.


1. Please consider having Ben Davidson on again. Primarily to make up for a botched first interview but also because the science supporting the EU paradigm and also pertaining to the climate change cult and EMPCOE has made leaps and bounds in the last couple years. I consider it very relevant, almost everything discussed on THC has less than 3 degrees of separation from the Solar Cycle and the Electric Universe Paradigm. Thanks!

2. You say often that you would even "barter for THC plus subscriptions" if something you need or want. I've been trying to find a way to pursue this method of payment. How do I start that discussion with you?

Thanks for everything you do in keeping us all informed. My kids roll their eyes when they hear your voice, but begrudgingly admit to the many things they now know because of THC.

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Yeah, I kind of stepped back to being more private as my life got busier, the level of contact increased beyond what I could handle, & some of it got really creepy. It started to effect me in a bad way so I just pulled my email from the website. Sorry about that, but a Plus membership should be about enjoying the show, not about personal access to me. Either way, we're here now:

1. Curious how I botched it. I thought it was a lot of fun, but I've requested he come back and gotten no response. Gotta dance with the ones who want to dance. 

2. Its an option as you follow the prompts through the sign up process, but let me know what you got? I have a blanket rule against any consumables, but if you have a business that offers a product, shoot me a link. 

Thanks for listening!