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Plasma Moon Projection Map, Black Sun Physics and Worlds Beyond the Firmament made of Sky Ice

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Curious if anyone is familiar with Vibes of Cosmos channel on YouTube/Bitchute and the aforementioned concept of creating an accurate map of our world based upon the flipped/inverted reflection of our world as seen in our moon.

There are many aspects of this concept that will challenge the status quo or mainstream academic understanding, however in many ways the solutions derived from the model seem more elegant and contained. Perhaps even ancient/alchemical as this also relates to the zodiac and phases of the moon as well as the symbolism embedded there.

Approach is much more deduction reasoning based, reminds me of Viktor Schuaberger's list of questions that science cannot answer from Nature as Teacher, page 20? also relevant in this conception.

As well as the flat earth classic tale, "Worlds Beyond the Poles" from Gianni.

Space does not exist as a vacuum, no wave or particle can travel in a vacuum, more likely that the sun is a plasma projection phenomena along with the moon due to refraction off of the sky ice firmament directly from the north pole. This also accounts for the auroras only being in the North as they are also an aspect of the same phenomena.

Plasma Physics Based on Black Sun

Nature as Teacher- Schauberger

Worlds Beyond the Poles

FFO Hollow Earth, Realm, Flat-Plane Earth, Plasma Physics, Firmament

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Great post and musings; I follow Vibes of the Cosmos on telegram and I find the map and perspective fascinating & it feels more accurate… there is more in depth posts there than on YouTube, check it out if you haven’t already

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Very interesting subject,… I would like to learn more about this