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Jes Staley, With Close Ties To Epstein, Central To The World Of AIDS Charities, Big Money And Fauci

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Saw this article thanks to Jon Rappoport's emails.

Super investigational reporting and shows all these seedy layers of obfuscation.

Definitely worth the read. Not too dense and lots of pictures 🙂


"How come the guy who made that progressive innovation happen, exchanged up to 1200 emails with Jeffrey Epstein, and in one of them, said he “owes him,” in another that their friendship was “profound,” in another that he was enjoying Epstein’s hot tub, and in yet another wrote that it was “…great to be able to give you a long, heartfelt hug?”  ...

...There is no separation between “virus” and “money” for these types. Nor is there health or wellness this side of a trillion dollars. Nor should they ever be asked to solve anything for all their hundreds of billions in not-nearly-enough “global spending.”