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To the Dear Others I’ve been striving to find,


I hope this plea meets you well.


My name is Mack Rodose.


I grew up and reside in Venice Beach, California.


I found Greg’s work through my friends Darren and Graham via their show Grimerica’s community back in 2016.


This year has marked my return to alternative media after a long and painful hiatus spent grasping at straws to maintain a materialist model of reality under the presumption it would buy me sanity through accepted consensus.


The spell of that spiritless mechanical magic began to break come April 5th, 2021, whereon I volunteered to be vaccinated with the J&J.


Within hours of inoculation I developed screeching tinnitus, debilitating vertigo, excruciating tension headaches and in the following weeks an inflammatory skin condition, all of which have proved, at least presently, permanent.


I’ve exhausted nearly all allopathic means to relief, to no avail.


I’m told it’s a 1-in-100,000 adverse reaction, ala the proverbial egg and the omelette.


I accept the consequences of my actions born of fear.


I’d already had covid with no real somatic issue, I just wanted to be able to visit my immune-compromised mother with a clean conscience.


The reverberations of that decision combined with other occurrences of loss and their corresponding grief have shaped these last few years for me.


The question remains: how do I rise to meet this fate with dignity?


As Gandalf reminds us, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."


I would like to step out from the hermitage of my hobbit hole, a fine smial though it’s been.


My wife has land in Tamarindo, Guanacaste (Costa Rica), I am in the beginning phase of planning a permaculture project there.


I consider this message a call-to-all-good-folks classified ad of sorts to expand my social circle—whoever you are, I’d like the privilege of knowing you.


Posting a version of it here and on Rune Soup’s member forum.


I figure between the communities cultivated by Gordon and Greg it’s a tremendously good start in the scope of historic potentials to find tribe.


Many thanks,



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hey man, nice post and nice to meet you.


for the v@x injury stuff you might check out 



it is this stuff called RNA drops. it was developed by bob dobbs and and his wife dr. carylon dean. 


it def sounds snake oil-ish but if you ever met bob then you would start to believe it, lol


its hard coping with the matrix for people like us... finding the others is half the battle it seems. 

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Sorry to hear about the effects, definitely scary times we're in and relying on like minded neighbors is a good effort towards making things good again. It does seem like the average person is realizing how powerful unity is lately.