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Conspiracies in order of importance? What's your opinion? try to be detailed or at least 10000ft view down perspective

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What do you think?

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German New Medicine, Flat Earth, EGI, probably the possibility that any Millennial Reign of Christ might have already been and gone

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first published in 1898, 14 years before the Titanic disaster.

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Hi All on this fine Tuesday from Scouseland.

The conspiracy of 'conspiracy theories' itself. The idea that wealthy and powerful people conspire - secretly plan things - to get more wealth and power - is just a common sense. Of course they do. And yet the suggestion that this occurs is often met with utter disbelief.

It was a very clever move by the CIA to coin that term. It puts something like Project Paperclip or the Iran Contra scandal - now both proven, just history and extraordinarily significant in exposing the actions and motivations of those who govern us alongside flat Earth theories, Annunaki bloodlines and Antarctic Thule Society bases (I've nothing against those, but they are pretty out there - please don't shout at me flat Earth Guys).

It makes statements like: 'Hmmm, i strongly suspect that many wealthy individuals and corporate entities are using the emergence of an unpredictable form of rhinovirus to make FUCKING ENORMOUS PROFITS and our governments are helping them rather than acting in our best interests' instantly dismissable. 'Oh you're a tin foil hatter are you?' I suppose you think it was genetically engineered do you?'

Where the public narrative does not reflect lived experience, most people don't ask why, and they should.