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Conservative magical/pagan community?

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Join the Rune Soup premium members with Gordon White. Most of the people there would not identify as wiccan/pagan, but the overarching theme is doing what works, and working in "right relation" with the community... the community of spirits, the community of place (earth/nature) and of course within the human community. Individual interests and practice vary greatly, but you should easily be able to find some like minds. And a big part of "community" there is knowing what is an op, which lies they are trying to get us to fall for, and navigating around those so as not to pollute our magic. Courses, forums, private encrypted chat room, supportive community... well worth the plunge.

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@tesseraches Thanks. I've been considering rune soup. I'm leaning towards Heathenry but mostly eclectic pagan.

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