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Brooklyn Train Shooting?

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So Crazy, at the top of the year I listened  to a few astrological podcasts marked up my calendar, to see if they would be correct.  I distinctly remember  listening to the Ras Ben episode:  Ras Ben | Astrological Outlook 2022 & Knowledge Of The Nommo: The Dogon Decoded

for these April notes.  Now I'm not saying the incident is fake... but whoever planned it seemed to know it's a highly charged day.  Going to see what else unfolds out of this story... so far the calendar has been correct at the start of the "Russian Invasion" and now this Brooklyn Train Shooting. 



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The video is super interesting… one victim poses for a couple pics before sitting down. Lots of folks calmly filming. Looks super sketch!

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This is also the season of sacrifice?

He shot 33 rounds? 

The Uhaul was found miles away? He carried guns, clips, fireworks, and smoke cannisters miles away because he knew which station had 3 cameras out at the 36th street station?

It was on the D,N,R line D=4, N=14,R=18= 4+14+18=36



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Ras Ben does a show with Michael Wann (From The 40th Parallel) which you can find on youtube or on Mike's podcast They may have talked about it I can't remember.