2024 Solar Eclipse
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2024 Solar Eclipse

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Being from Ohio, I am really blown away by how much is being talked about the 2024 solar eclipse.  Local governments are asking people to stay home. They are acting like we are going to be getting a huge snowstorm and people are going to be stranded   I see at least 2 mentions of it daily.   I get the cash cow that it is, and that would make me feel better if it were only that. . . . Anyone else thinknits a bit much?

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I noticed at my local Menards in Micigan, they had a sign out for it! Already! I don't get it, maybe project Blue Beam is on the way.

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I feel like it may be the start of even more interesting times. People are definitely acting weird about it. But just like 12/31/1999, we're going to be having a good time! When I go out, (whenever that may be), I would like to be surrounded by happy friends and like-minded people!