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Hey gang! It’s your friend Ranwaldo VonSlappinstein.
First off...
Have you looked in the night sky lately? It’s full of UFOs. I live in the country. On a nice night with clear sky’s, and weather good enough to stay out. You can watch this stuff all night. And what’s great is you will have hundreds of other real planes, helicopters, and “satellites” fly by as well. UFO, You’ll know it when you see it! And every UFO Sighting is different. And chill out and watch.
I had a flip out one night, may 30 2021, when Peelong Musk’s stupid sky link flew over the fucking house. Which totally is a giant laser projector for project blue beam. How would 60 fucking satellites tied together supposed to provide internet? It’s not even in geocentric orbit?... In the video I sound like a queef or I would send it to you.
Next. Wow have you looked in the sky lately! Weather control! Holly shit. It rained all summer here. And it was nice. It only got to 100 like once. It’s killer. But 100+ in Washington this year? And everywhere flooding? Global flooding? It’s weather war fair. You take energy and moisture from other places and drought/flood your targets. The climate change queens are being blinded to the government manipulation of the weather. Katrina was man made. I have some killer photos of the sky, totally effected by radio/micro waves.
Next. Fucking shit have you seen the housing market lately! I worked on a house in BFE with a ghetto city near by that was 400k and appreciated 30k+ in the last month. That’s in NOwheresville man. But I’ll say this. If you really want clean water. If you really want clean food. And if you really want to live how you want to live. Get the fuck outta the city’s. There are houses all over this country that are affordable and will provide you with real protection. Protection from hunger. Now you can have a garden for the same as you pay for that death trap apartment. Protection from a collapsing society. Get away from the greatest danger to you and your family, other people. Now your kids are really safe. And real financial protection. Your home will only increase in value regardless of where you choose to buy. And if the power goes out from some solar event. You will thank God for your great fortune of not being trapped in the city.
And lastly. Have you looked at yourself lately? The key to fixing this world is individual enlightenment. Fix you. Make you compassionate. Make you humble. Make you love. Make you the world you want to live in. If you fix you, you can do what you wanna do.
Thanks a bunch crusty crew and I’ll see you on the flip side.

Posted : November 4, 2021 11:50 PM
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Had to post some more photos after the latest episode.

Posted : November 15, 2021 8:25 PM