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If at all possible within these desperately polarising times I believe a platform for real up front debate would be a positive step forward. I am thinking that if time permitted, I know thats a big IF, with a new baby and the work load as it is, a controlled debate between two "experts" would make great listening and even create new avenues of thought. Greg as debate master/controller with two guests that are well informed within the same sphere of subject but with very differing opinions. It seems to me within todays world there is no debate, no discussion allowed, all is very well controlled by MSM and social media. That makes for an honest and open opportunity for "alternative" media platforms to show integrity, by constructing an unequvical platform for ideas and opinions to be voiced and then challenged. What is that old chestnut, attributed to Voltaire, I believe. " I may hate what you are saying but I shall defend your right to say it to the death". The debates really do not need to be that controversial either, just 2 strong differing views around the same subject would also work. Then a vote which side would someone adhere to and then any further discussion of the whys.

Posted : November 19, 2021 8:27 AM
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I LOVE this idea

Posted : November 19, 2021 9:38 AM