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Samuel David and Mesopotamia Polytheism

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So this is more on the side of magick and mysticism, but I would like to formally nominate Samuel David for a guest request. He has 3 books currently under his belt which are Rod & Ring, Lioness, and The Red Sheperd. All beautiful works of art and all dedicated to the ancients of Mesopotamia.

 His book Rod & Ring is on the dedication and building of a contemporary school of mysticism and devotion to those ancient deities of the Levant Lioness: The Song of Inanna is his hymns of the stories of Inanna. And finally The Red Sheperd is his exploratory devotional work on the stories of Dumuzid, who was a consort of Inanna.

 I feel Sam would make for a well rounded addition to the magickal and mystical subject side of THC. 

Posted : October 9, 2023 12:01 PM