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I really enjoy hearing about peoples experiences with the gateway program, it gets me reinspired to practice the tapes/meditations myself.  After hearing dan xuisoko's experiences it reminded me of kwame adapa who has written a fantastic account of his adventures out of body( in a similar style to robert monroes books), it gives a good understanding of the types of experiences/realms associated with the various "focus levels" of the gateway program. Which can be hard to comprehend without having experienced them. I havent heard any interviews with him, but he narrated his own book  (out of body into life) on audible and is well spoken in my opinion, hopefully he would interview well too. He has a few other books that look interesting too, i havent read though. Tantric serpent cults, sirius star/sumerian god connection to african cultures. It all sounds pretty interesting to me and im sure other listeners too.  

Here's his bio, and his books can also be found on this site.  

Cheers Greg, keep up the great work

Posted : November 14, 2023 12:21 AM