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Hi Greg,

I've been watching a Youtube channel by UB TV 

-I think he is a good fit for the show because he has been doing research and posting entire video series on how much evidence there is of both Egyptians and many of the artifacts found in America. Very detailed and very researched videos with facts. He has an interesting approach related to the indigenous people of America and how it is related to African slaves. I watch each episode and notice the confidence and the supported facts which he presents so well.

- I don't know his website and its not listed on his Youtube channel. His original channel was shut down and he has a new channel linked above. His main email address is

- Did not see any other interviews online of him or by him.

The topic of evidence pointing to north & south America has been on my radar and I have enjoyed UB TV videos. I was listening to your show with Analog and it triggered my memory of UB TV series. 

Posted : August 16, 2023 8:52 PM
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