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Josephine McCarthy - The Magician's Mother

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Josephine McCarthy is a powerful and generous magician, emanating from Yorkshire in England.

She has a very deadpan, self-deprecatory style that belies decades of magical practice and exorcisms.

Following no particular tradition, but knowledgeable of them all, she is able to cut through the dressings of each and reach to the essence of each practice.

She is incredibly open and willing to share. To this end she produced an entire online magical course, for free. In my opinion, it is the best magical primer, and specifically designed for the modern age, and not relying dogmatically on ancient texts or Victorian hierarchies.

Trained as a ballerina, she has taken the rigour of that practice and applied to to learning magic. Each step is meticulously described, and must be practiced until it becomes second nature. Each step builds on the one before it giving a rock solid foundation to your practice.

Posted : October 5, 2019 3:46 AM