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Buried history of Black people worldwide

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Just finished reading Ivan Van Sertima's "They Came Before Columbus" -- King Abubakari (sp) II sailed from Mali to Mexico and landed in 1311. The Black Egyptians/Nubians from 800 BC had massive ships and likely had multiple trips back and forth with Mexico/central/south America. Too many cultural similarities to dismiss.. Burial practices, rituals, and lingusitics. though his books have been overlooked by mainstream history. The Berbers of North Africa may be Native American - much good scholarship on that too... Oh, and the Olmec heads obviously.

Skull deformation - only practiced in the Americas and Egypt. The deformation was likely due to honoring/emulating the big headed hominids that Brien Forester has highlighted in Paracas.

I don't know who's the best guest to tell the full story, but it's looking pretty obvious that the creation of anti-black racism was a part of the destruction of the previous high civilization. The Moors, the Black Jacobites, and Indigenous Black Americans (from Philly to Patagonia) -- all deliberately wiped out of the history books (burning of Grenada libraries needs to be added to Alexandria and Mexico for significant events destroying our human history)

There's a huge overlap here with Velikovsky here too. The Hotep's are diving into this fully... Dr. David Hotep is carrying the torch, but I already found some inconsistencies in his work... but I'm no expert.

Super interesting subject that deserves some synthesis from the Asian perspective - I've always wondered if any Asian scholars have validated Velikovsky's work - if there really was that significant timeline manipulation, we should be able to correlate that with some of the histories in India, China and elsewhere.

Posted : July 28, 2021 10:30 PM
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Yooo I second this. I'll try and find someone to represent this idea because I have become very interested in the Melanated Aboriginal Theory. Definitely explains a lot of elite distaste for the dark races of the world and is another reason why they want a homogenous, gender/ethnic/moral neutral population.

I'm very fond of Laurel Arica's work and the word magic at play in this society, and "black" people does not make sense to me. Everyone else has a race or ethnic label: asian, european, brazilian, etc. And this group of people is just "black". It wreaks and I ain't about it. You look at records from colonial explorers and, in original texts, they refer to dark skinned people. Then post colonies, the focus changed to Asianic natives who definitely seem to have come into the northern Americas via Bering Straight, but did not make up the entire American Indigenous population.

I'm beginning to believe that this current Anglo-centric paradigm is the inverse to our most recent lost era where aboriginal civs ruled mind & matter on this planet.

Maybe check this book out?

Posted : August 2, 2021 12:23 AM