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Berenstein/Berenstain: Mandela Effect

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Many believe that there has been a timeline change. Problem is that, not all living in this timeline have the same memories of shared events. It seems petty, but many many people remember the married couple, Jan and Stan Berenstein. They authored and the series of kid's books called the Bernstein Bears. One problem, though: Now, all records indicate that it is BerenSTAIN and always has been. This is the prime example of a mass of people remembering things one way, and it is a way that is different than the reality we inhabit.

The name for it has become "Mandela Effect", because precisely when Mandela died is an example of this. Many people remember him dying quite a while ago, in the 80's in prison. There are many examples of large groups remembering hearing of someone dying, or something about some major event in a famous person's life, but the memory is not in sync with this current reality. The other big example is geographical locations in relation to one another. I woul LOVE to see a show on this. There are websites, including a REddit thread, and and others devoted to exploring it.



Posted : December 31, 2015 2:31 AM
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Had to join today, didn't want to miss a minute of Slivie's chat. I have Been listening since the beginning Greg, thank you, love the show. Your guests are amazing and the road your traveling is a full of wonderful stories. Nano dust/liquid, black goo, the moon not being what we think, an underlying control system, the coded war of the elite groups and our history being a relatively new narrative. I have a good option for a host on the Mandela effect, Dusty Westfield/Polarization Nation Media. He runs a channel on YouTube dealing with numbers, predictive programming, the gatekeepers and what they allow to be leaked to reality. I don't know why but his crazy makes more sense to me than most.

Posted : January 7, 2016 10:10 AM
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I second this topic. I remember Berenstein as well. The change is freaky, along with many others including biblical scriptures.

Posted : January 13, 2016 8:25 AM
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I also remember Berenstein. I also remember "Mirror, mirror on the wall" from Snow White which is now "Magic mirror on the wall". The one that is really glaring to me is that "No, Luke. . . I am your father" is now "No, I am your father" I am too enormous of a nerd to let that one slip. References to these glitches are somewhat hit and miss any medium that requires creativity, all mass-produced objects of the original reference change, but referential art may not. From what I am seeing and the general consensus is it's like a 1984-type scrubbing on the metaphysical level because there has been a physical change to stored artifacts from childhood, but it's almost like they could only go down one level completely. the original material changed but artwork of it and referential but original work was not in some instances due to the conscious input of the other consciousness involved in it's creation. It seems the later the reference, the more likely it is to be altered as well.

I am your father scene, 1980 and 2011:


Family Guy: No, I am your father

Robot Chicken: No Luke, I am your father

Toy Story 2: No Buzz, I am your father

I think these anomalies may have a great deal to do with the nature of time at this point (around 2012-ish) in the precessional cycle as according to my understanding this is a nexus point of timelines. If you think of the timelines like rails, imagine at this point our train of temporal perspective is riding on a long plane of highly compressed pasts and futures linked by interaction and comprehension in the present. There are a great many possible futures at this point which will spread out as we pass through the galactic rift, but also they link back to many pasts that could have lead to this moment as well. In my research into torsion, the elasticity of time, galactic motion, and the concept of "absolute time" or the concept of an alternate form of time operating at a metaphysical level there is the concept of metaphysical change being rippled into the past and future. The last few years have been a point where it is easy to "jump the tracks" and switch timelines. So manipulation by an unknown source at a metaphysical level would precisely manifest itself in this form and at this time, or perhaps there is a natural kind of "slipping" going on. I expect there are a variety of interested parties who would be capable of doing something like this and that if we were somehow slipping through alternate timelines by a natural process we might have no idea whatsoever as long as they were "close enough".

Posted : January 14, 2016 1:27 AM
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I've tried to contact the people from the site, it would be a great show. Nobody has gotten back to me, sadly. I'll keep following up occasionally. The Star Wars one gets me too. Damn.

Posted : January 14, 2016 6:23 PM
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I definitely am highly interested in this!

Posted : January 20, 2016 6:01 PM