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Hey y’all! Who all studies astrology on here? What systems? Who are your favorite astrologers? Do you practice astrological magic? If you practice professionally, please plug your info/sites/newsletters etc!

I have almost a year of learning my own chart under my belt and have been challenging myself to read the charts of friends & loved ones. Some of my favorite astrologers are
da man, Ras Ben,
Molly McCord,
Gordon White (of course),
Gary P Caton,
and Chani Nicholas. I especially love her recently released “Chani” app, which has your chart, current and personal transits, journaling prompts, a meditation library and weekly readings for your rising sign. It is subscription-based, but the monthly fee is well worth it and 5% of all proceeds gets donated to a legal fund which aids survivors of sexual assault.

Also, feel free to drop your sun/moon/rising signs. I’m a Cancer sun, Virgo moon, Aries rising. 🙂

Posted : April 10, 2021 1:56 PM
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I do not practice professionally, but I do involve myself in the magical side. I first learned about astrological magic in the Picatrix and was so inspired that it colors everything that I have done since. For If we are as one with the planets then we are at one with the Gods. Man can only ascend to the height of his imagination. I have used Draconic, Jyotish, and Western. But I plug Chaldean numerology into these and also apply the practice of the rajas to my work.
I am a Leo Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising

Posted : October 4, 2021 1:55 AM