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40% Increase in deaths; Compare notes w/me

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I’m curious about a couple of things and would like to compare notes here with others.
Like everything else, the info from insurance companies telling us that the death rate in 18-65 yr olds has increased by 40% is being suppressed.  As you probably know, this was first revealed by an insurance company CEO so concerned that he posted this on YT and he said covid isn’t the cause.  It’s now been indisputably confirmed by 5 major industry companies via FOIA requests.  The causal evidence points to the jab.

Have any of you shown this info to a vax believer in your life and what was the response?  This past year I can’t give anyone I know warnings of the most vetted info we have.  I’ve been very selective, choosing only the most dire info to try to pass along because I don’t want to be in their face all the time.  The second someone realizes the topic they stop me.  They’ve been conditioned well. Cancel Culture exists on a very personal level outside of social platforms.

Are you personally seeing this death increase?  Or how many ppl do you know that are vax injured?  Most of the people I know that have recently passed were elders and not easily blamed on the jab.  However, the first to go was shortly after the jab was unleashed and her death most certainly due to being vaccinated.  She had just retired & not long after she was in hospice.  Cause of death was blood clots throughout her body.

My niece who was in her early 50’s was found dead at home.  There was an autopsy but the family isn’t saying much beyond it was her heart. She did have a lot of health problems but her heart wasn’t one.

My 80 yr bro-in-law passed a few weeks ago.  He had a rare (weird) lymphoma cancer.  Cancerous lesions were erupting all over his body, even his head.  He was going to the Mayo but they couldn’t do much beyond standard treatments & treating the lesions.  Someone pointed out to me that it was like a monkey pox cancer. 

With MSM & such not reporting these deaths & injuries, we continue to live in the matrix.  I hope some of you respond, if for no other reason, to have a little window into these crazy days.

Posted : December 27, 2022 9:13 PM
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I saw this news piece and thought of you - respected physician raises concerns and is immediately shut down. Very sad. If the mainstream narrative was solid, it would take some questioning, that is how science is meant to work. 


Posted : January 13, 2023 8:31 PM