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Complete speculation with regards to project blue beam

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This is complete speculation but i wanted to present it for open discussion. 
i saw a video of an augmented display in china for the Chinese New Year, it seemed fabricated and CGI, however the way it was filmed was as if all the people nearby could see this without and special optics or glasses to view it. I tried my best to find out what company put on this display and what technology they used. With no avail, i moved on but kept in the back of my mind, just recently i saw another video of a similar event that took place at Madison square garden, and still i could not find out who has the technology to present this kind of display. It seemed very project blue beam, and could very much be used in such applications. My question is still, what company is putting on these shows and how are they doing it? Now for the conspiracy.. is it possible that Starlink is much more than we think it is? Could these satellites do more than just provide internet? Just a random thought that came to mind the other day, just want to thank you all for reading and contributing to the conversation.

Posted : August 17, 2022 5:33 PM
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Yes it's their way of testing it out on the ppl to see how believable it is in real life.They have to hard test it eventually. And the simple fact (you did you due diligence here) that you can't find the company/s that are responsible for this is a huge fed flag for me for sure.Thanks for the info

Posted : December 20, 2022 11:36 PM