Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:

This week I interview, Dr. Steven Greer, about the current state of disclosure, ET contact, different types of beings they’ve cataloged, the Earth’s quarantine, the possibility of false flag ET invasion simulations, and a ton more!

Dr. Greer’s Websites: and

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7 responses to “THC 89: Dr. Steven Greer | Alien Contact, Disclosure, & False Flag Invasions”

  1. Rockefellers, hmm, tells me one thing that I already knew. If the elite didnt want you to believe in extraterrestrials, TV shows like ancient aliens wouldn’t be on the history channel.

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  2. Did I hear Dr Greer say that a good place to look on the Moon was the terminator, the dividing line line between the light and dark side of the Moon. The far side of her Moon gets just as much sunlight as the side we see. Where do you think the Sun is shining during a Total Eclipse?
    The “darkside of the moon” is a rather stubborn misnomer. There simply is no “darkside”.

    BA has a good note on this:

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  3. Dr Greer is the most factual guest that has ever been on THC 10/31/19.
    His name will go down in history as an Ambassador to the universe and everyone should follow his work

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