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Dr. Justin Feinstein & Mandy Rowe | Floatation Therapy: The Research, History, & Broad-spectrum Benefits Of Time In The Tank

Topics Covered: Health, Magical Toolbox, Solutions, Water

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About Today’s Guest:
Dr. Justin Feinstein is a clinical Neuro-psychologist & expert in the neuroscience of fear, with over 50 peer-reviewed publications in some of the top scientific journals who has been trailblazing a new path forward for the treatment of anxiety, stress, PTDS, & other suboptimal states of being through Floatation therapy. He is now the President and Director of the Float Research Collective, a nonprofit organization that is playing a pivotal role in establishing Floatation-REST as an accepted medical treatment.
Mandy Rowe is the President of Franchise Development for True REST, the leading float therapy brand in the world, who discovered float therapy right here in San Diego where the Navy SEALS were using Float Pods as a holistic approach to PTSD and muscle recovery. Now, through the franchise model, she works to make float therapy an accessible and approachable therapy for all, while helping people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.
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PLUS Content

  • The benefits of visualizing your goals clearly and how floating can help.
  • Lengthening the hypnogogic state.
  • The healing properties of water and Epson salt in general.
  • How Big Pharma fights dirty.
  • Resistance, trouble, and roadblocks to wider adoption from the big machine.
  • The benefits of ego detachment.
  • Reports of triggering what’s interpreted as womb memories.
  • Thoughts and considerations with tank design.
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