Joseph P Farrell Engineered Unrest Plandemic Baal Gates Conspiracy Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell | Engineered Unrest, Baal Gates, & The Plandemic

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We welcome back the great Joseph P. Farrell of to break down the rapid-fire chaos that is 2020, the details that help us read between the lines of the mainstream narrative, and how we can live our best lives despite it all.

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  • COVID’s 40th Parallel problem.
  • Food concerns & lab grown meat.
  • The Alchemical attempt to β€œre-ascend the ladder.”
  • Financial and economic goings on.
  • Strategies for our time.
  • International signs of pushback agains the globalist plans.
  • The multidimensional gateway in Antarctica.
  • Intelligent plasma.

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    1. Lieber was infact working on virus transmitters that could penetrate cell membranes without affecting the intercellular functions and even measure activities inside heart cells and muscle fibers.

      Dr. Leiber joined Harvard in 1991. In his early days at the university, he made great strides in the field by growing nanowires in a flask. Researchers before Leiber were already creating wire-like structures with the help of semiconductors, metals and other materials. However, their approach would be quite expensive and would need clean-room facilities like the ones used by computer chip-makers.

      In contrast, Lieber could create nanostructures using nothing but simple and inexpensive chemical techniques. He even went a step further to show how these nanowires could be used as transistors, complex logic circuits, data storage devices, and even sensors.

      Leiber noted that “continued shrinkage ultimately becomes problematic in terms of just how one achieves [it].” Instead, he created tiny logic circuits and memory – the two main components of a computer – using nanowires. And these circuits were really tiny, some of which just a few atoms across!

      Ten years later, Leiber created a transistor so small it can be used to penetrate cell membranes and probe their interiors (sounds like what a virus does, except a virus's programming to wreak havoc, isn't it?), without affecting the intercellular functions. The bio-compatible transistor – the size of a virus – can not only measure activities inside a neuron but also heart cells and muscle fibers.

      In 2017, Leiber and his team successfully created flexible 3D nanowires mesh that can inject into the brain or retina of an animal, attach itself to the neurons and monitor electrical signals between the cells.

      The importance of nanotechnology in advanced warfare can be understood from the fact that the United States’ Department of Defense (DoD) is one of the largest supporters of nanotechnology research. They have funded hundreds of millions of dollars into various research related to nanoelectronics and nanomaterials.

      The technology could help create nanosensors and nanocoatings that military could use to protect soldiers against chemical and biological attacks. The fact that nanosensors can detect microscopic quantities of chemicals means it can be used as an effective early warning system against chemical warfare agents such as nerve agents and blood agents.

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  1. I have been a JPF Gizar for a long time and sorry it took me so long to find you here, because I continue to be amazed at the incredible interviews that you do because you do your research and ask great questions.  I have only been a member for a month but I go back through your posts and realize I need to make it a "historical study" because you totally "get it".  You always have.

    By the time I post this, I am sure you will have to back onto YouTube and resubmit the name Dr. Winnie Heartstorm.  She says prove her wrong that George Floyd is still alive and this was all another plan as part of the coup if the Scamdemic didn't work.  Yeah, the Face Burka, perfect for the looting and surveillance foil.  Her latest link is:

    Thanks, Greg.  Fabulous!

  2. I absolutely disagree with this guest’s logic. I agree with something I heard Max Igan say about Trump. Trump is a Patriot Pacification Program. And I believe Trump loves every minute of it. 

    1. Just a thought… If this is true, which there's no way to tell at this point(if he's a controlled opposition or not), I think that it could have the opposite effect to pacification of patriots.. it would be the ultimate betrayal that would push all of the patriots overboard and "red pill" everyone of them to the point of full scale revolt. 

    2. Absolutely agree, they ALWAYS put Republicans in office for these events and it’s working. Folks should be planning citizens tribunals for their so-called representatives but they’re cheering for martial law simply as it’s coming from Trump. I, for one, am ashamed of these folks who otherwise consider themselves common sense thinkers; they should know better.  Many are speculating there won’t be an election in November but elites need them for the propaganda factor if nothing else.

  3. 😁I really like Joseph Farrell! Ive watched him on the X~Series on the Dark Journalist YT Channel. Gosh, I’ve learned so much about history from him and Daniel on that show! So happy to listen to him during these times. I’m going to share this everywhere I can.πŸ’ͺ🏻 Well done, Mr. Greg! Bravo!! πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. Excellent…..I feel fab’ after listening to that… I’ve had a great morning doing stuff with you guys a few feet away sharing what matters… 

    Have the best week next week Greg… never mind no Aya’ med’ that’ll happen at some stage no doubt😎

    thanks for all the work you do…’s obvious you do a lot…and really well… and with lots of choof in the system… look after yourself…. I love your work… and all your wife’s amazing  efforts as well no doubt.. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  5. Out of 100 black ppl arrested, 3 are killed. 

    Out of 100 white ppl arrested, 4 are killed. 


  6. CNN was invented in the first Gulf War.

    My solution is to make illegal pharmaceutical ads on television. That would kill cable. I watched cable t.v. for the first time in a while and every add was for a dangerous drug. They banned cigarette ads, we can ban pharma ads.

  7. Congratulations!

    You've violated "YouTube's Community Guidelines".

    They removed the video of this episode.

    Their censorship is getting more and more bold.

    I'm glad there are other channels to listen to THC.

  8. This guy rubbed me the wrong way a couple times. But nothing like Greer did, so ill take it lol.
    I do have to defend Dr Emoto though, the guys research is integral to growing our understanding and expanding science for the new age.
    Lets think about it real quick.  Emoto has been doing this work for 30+ years….so for 30 + years he figured 'yeah this is definitely not working out how I wanted, fuck it, Ill ride this horse to retirement anyways?' Because, hell, we all know people only go into science in search of international fame. Why the heck would he waste a lengthy education and long sought after resources on running a two bit scheme a kid could cook up? 
    You dont get to put on the coat, gather up a bunch of grad students year after year for 30 years,and just try your hand at being a scientist without your own people saying, "this guy doesnt know anything about anything, hes talking to water for gods sake! Who let him play with all these multi million dollar machines anyway?!" Like it took 30 years for someone to challenge his work? This show covers science all the time. Its not easy to get those grad students and resources, its not easy to have to prove yourself to everyone from your peers to the grand committee,its not easy to be a scientist. period. 
    Scientists always produce a ton of data that doesnt match the theory. It doesnt surprise me that he does the same. Id even have more tolerance for Emoto doing some data cherry picking because he is trying to capture and example of a very subtle effect, that would reveal paradigm shifting universal processes, with last era's machinery. 
    Lets just ask one question, does sound produce a pattern? Its evident that it does. Sand, salt, dirt, whatever, if it'll shift applying sound will eventually make it organize into a recognizable pattern . The same patterns the ancients were always making a big deal about.  Well, isnt sound just energy?
    Im supposed to believe Dr Emoto spent his entire career, his entire life, trying to scam his way to academic greatness by proving that this same function is at play on the molecular level?  It seem's like he spent his entire career trying to prove that if 1+1=2 , 1+2=3. We've done all we can with 1's and 2's , or 1's and 0's, bring on that 3!

  9. Greg I always have known your appitude for the ability to take the next logical reasoning and pose it to the interviewee in an enlightening way but hands down you and Dr. shed some much light to heart of the issue. I can only be so ever grateful. To my own end, watching this all play out has made me seem pyschic or prohetic to those that never had questioned a lick of their reality. It is sad when a dyslexic fuck like me can lend logical guidance to those around me by asking the question you can hear they already posing themselves. Dyslexia is a gift, it brings me to the end result even if I have heard muddled intentions. Thank you for all that You and the good Dr. do and all of the people that share their experience of what is real. Sites like yours and at least 7 other subscribed podcasts I pay to regulary remind me I am not alone.

  10. I do like a joseph p Farrell show even if I don’t agree with everything he says

    Nothing major but quick point about the U.K. and brexit currently the U.K. government are standing strong and telling the eu we are leaving 31 December trade  deal or not. 
    It sort of gets lost in the current news 

    2nd point yes lots of people aren’t obeying lockdown rules (me included) and we are protesting but the protests are small really few thousand a time. I want to see millions on the streets saying fuck off 

    thanks Greg keep it up  

  11. Great episode. I was only daydreaming about if you'd have JPF back on soon, having mined the last couple of years worth of THCs over the last couple of weeks. 

  12. Trump looked stunned during the first coronavirus announcement. Some sort of Project paper clip type of mind control device was used on him I theorize. Why else would he allow Dr. Evil Fauci to take the lead?

  13. Great to hear Joe’s voice on the current CON-flagration, he always comes across down to Earth & genuine.  His copious research has been imperative to my tenuous grasp on the great Hydra.

    In the scope of the entire interview, a small but pestering complaint – with regard to the lack of diligence given to the Q phenomenon.  Easy enough for me to understand why people of your and Joe’s credentials would discount an idea with the tagline “trust the plan”, but having looked at that info with a staunchly skeptical and impartial view for the past couple of years, I would say that it is not a cul-de-sac for apathy or savior seekers.

    While the “outcome” that Q “promises”, would be a delight for all self-thinking, lovers of Humanity… it would not come without “the Heavens falling”.  Events and a level of polarized hysteria that would make the past few months look like Romper Room.  The manifestation and comprehension of such a scenario is hard work, say nothing for articulating it to Normies, something that would be required on the other side of said outcome.

    Same critique for commentary on the topic I’ve heard on your show from other recent guests (Gordon, Chris, Max, all of whom I also greatly enjoy and respect), and again I get it… the idea of the POTUS, even worse, cartoonish Trump, as some messianic figure should motivate skepticism, to say the least. But should the caricature of Trump, as created by the media (and played upon by Trump himself) or a Boomer in a WWG1WGA tee-shirt holding a “Trust the Plan” sign be enough to shut down interpreting, researching, analyzing what is posted by Q, and how those posts pertain to current events and evolving circumstances?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the only entire show I’ve heard you dedicate to the topic was Jordan Sather a couple years ago.  Though seemingly well intentioned and a handsome face for his videos, I find him lacking in competency, a poor analyst of & representative for the subject.  An honest day in court on the 8kun research page is enough to see that there is a kaleidoscope of contribution to the Q research community, from rah-rah cheerleaders, to rampaging racists, to unhinged shills, vicious trolls, the salt of the Earth, and some seriously good commentary.

    As for “The Plan”, I don’t “trust” it.  I don’t even “trust” myself half the time.  But I understand marketing, propaganda and mass appeal as part of strategy.  I comprehend Sun Tzu and have had plenty of schooling in Psy Ops (haven’t we all), and see public maneuvering aligning with the posts and the (competent) analysis of those posts… brought seemingly full circle by the events of 2020 to date.  Might I recommend Neon Revolt for an interview… would love to hear your thoughts on his work, seems right up your alley.

    Plan or not, God help all of us who have retained Humanity in our heart through the reign of this anti-human Hydra in the months that lie ahead. 

    Love what you’re doing man, keep it up, look forward to your commentary and guests as things proceed.


  14. Awesome show, you do a great job with your editing, and I appreciate the content and the tone of all the shows. A lot of food for thought and almost never radical or sensational. 🀘🀘🀘

  15. Great episode! Have a well deserved rest my man! You are greatly appreciated Greg – The small cost of plus is no expense at all considering the value in all of your shows. Thank you!

  16. It's a small nitpick but is there a way to edit out the constant sound of him opening and closing his lighter every few minutes?

    Also, have you reached out to anyone on the Skinwalker Ranch show to see if they would come on? LMH was on, so I’d love to hear what she had to say, and also about her assertion that bigfeet/Sasquatch use UFOs and also cut cats in half.

  17. With respect, I thoroughly disagree with any American, no matter how gross, to be defined as a “domestic terrorist” within any group or organization.

    Terrorists forfeit all human rights. The MAN can lock these mofo’s up forever with no court date… legally.  

    What will the next American “terrorist organization” be? 

    Wild man Alex Jones warned about this 10 years ago  

    It’s a a slippery slope  

    Outside is that small disagreement, I loved the guest  Loved the episode. 


  18. Thanks Greg.  The ancient peoples understood that the counterfeit of Wisdom was sophistry.  Counterfeit wisdom.  Over the years I see you sorting it out personally and moving towards. . .  not the (ego motivated) imitation of what is hard won connection to true awareness and consciousness.   Your work just keeps getting better and better.  If that, I mean if always getting better; and I mean not just better, but better and better, isn't the very definition of Life itself. . .  what is?   And that's not a rhetorical question.   Is there a better definition?  That's the kind of thing I like to know, and you get better and better at getting the kind of guests that help me think those thinks.  All love.  Thanks Greg.  

  19. When I learned Hebrew it was amazing to read the scripture in the original language. Every contradiction melted away. Its obvious that they were mucking with the DNA back then. In the book of record in the dead sea scrolls they mention to stay away from a region of man eating menataurs . We were at an exhibit once for dinosaurs and they had the head of a fossilized menataur head…. they didn't have the rest of the bones but they just claimed it was a menitaurasauras. The pics are all over the web. The word Babell, Bet,Lamed,Lamed is a pictograph of a gateway. Or gate to the mighty ones. Ell Aleph,Lamed,Lamed is translated as Mighty one. The translators never translate they interpret.  

  20. I thought this was interesting: ChauvinismChauvinism, excessive and unreasonable patriotism, similar to jingoism. The word is derived from the name of Nicolas Chauvin, a French soldier who, satisfied with the reward of military honours and a small pension, retained a simpleminded devotion to Napoleon.[updated April 9th – Britannica site] and Floyd (in a time of The Wall and potential mind expansion and heart opening). Poetic coincidence?

  21. This is a LONG but important response. I have a lot more I could say but will stay focused on the protests for now. Let me come at them from a different perspective, a perspective that I believe is much more grounded in reality and sobriety. I live in Minneapolis. Mr. Farrell does not. Greg does not. I would be willing to wager that none of the youtube journalists or conspiracy theorists peddling Mr. Farrell’s views do either. Let me repeat: I live in Minneapolis. I am also an activist. I was there for many of the protests (including the early ones). While I was not there when the police precinct was lit up and destroyed, my brother was. He saw it happen. He told me in great detail what went down. I also saw the live footage on the ground by Unicorn Riot, one of the few (and at times only) media sites covering the live events at ground zero and perhaps the only media site actually asking individuals why they were there and why there were doing what they were doing (yes, they asked the rioters). I have combed through Unicorn Riot’s footage as well. I bring all this up to say, while I am simply one guy, I have a thousand times the knowledge on this subject matter than Mr. Farrell or Greg does on the matter.  That’s not me being smug. That’s me being honest.

    Right now I see four major narratives about the protests. Conspiracy culture believes that these events were instigated and planned out by outsiders, with fill-in-the-blank outsiders bankrolling and orchestrating them for various purposes. We have the far-right claiming that the protests and riots were done by outsiders like Antifa, and to a lesser extent Black Lives Matter. We have the liberals saying that things were organic until the outsider White Nationalists and police infiltrators turned things into a riot. Some of these three narratives have some small nuggets of truth to them but all three are racist to the core. The peddlers of these narratives don’t mean to be racist but these narratives are just that. (Note: Mr. Farrell sort of combines the conspiracy and far-right narratives. He’s a Trump guy.) Now before anyone gets triggered and stops reading, please let me explain.


    What is the common thread of ALL three of these narratives? Greg has had more than one show that deals with this very topic. It should be easy. All three narratives take away the agency of people of color. All three narratives attempt to erase the participation and leadership of black people. All three narratives ignore black rage. That is a racist thing to do. Yet people continue to do it. (It also ignores the role the police play in escalating things.) Why oh why would young people of color be so mad and upset right now that they would both peacefully protest AND take actions (arson, property destruction, rioting, burning down a police station) that are NOT nonviolent? Could these people perhaps be dealing with police harassment and violence on a regular basis? Are black people succumbing to the coronavirus at a higher rate than anyone else? Is the black community suffering most due to the pittances that was given out to people in lockdown? Does this maybe have to do with centuries and centuries of brutal domination and white supremacy that continues to this day? Is this a little taste on such actions coming home to roost? People can disagree with these tactics (history lesson: the Birmingham Riots of 1963 did more to desegregate Birmingham than MLK’s nonviolent actions) but to invalidate that their actions were their own is just racist. As Martin Luther King made clear over half a century ago: riots are the language of the unheard. What happened in Minneapolis was 100% organic (as I believe the spread to be). And Mr. Farrell and even Greg ask, “Why now?” The failures of industrial capitalism are becoming clear. Where conspiracy theorists only see conspiracy theory, I see crisis points coming to a head. Unemployment through the roof. A pandemic affecting people of color in much higher numbers. Systemic racism of police and culture becoming summed up one eight-minute death tape. This was a lynching in black and white. Unrest in this country has always occurred when various crisis points meet up. This was no different. No Plandemic needed.


    Mr. Farrell claims that these protests, as part of the Plandemic, are being used to take away people’s decisions or that the protests and riots have only made the situation worse. Holy God Almighty. Come to Minneapolis right now, Mr. Farrell. I’ll buy you a plane ticket. Because of the protests and riots, many Minneapolis businesses and nightclubs have said they will stop using police as security. The Parks Board and the school district have agreed to stop using the police. It gets even better: the Minneapolis City Council have met and 9 of them (meaning they have veto override over the mayor) have promised to DEFUND the police within one year. THIS IS WHAT CHANGE LOOKS LIKE!!  These are the voices that should be heard on the show. This is huge. This has never been done before. The city council, because of the pressure of the people here, have enacted monumental change. And that change is spreading all over the country. Plandemic? Really? Come on down, Mr. Farrell, to the memorial site which has now become one giant expression of mutual aid where people (thousands of people can be seen at times) can gather and talk, listen to music, get FREE hot food, get FREE groceries, get FREE medical supplies, listen to speakers, etc. And these things are popping up all over the Twin Cities area. My guess is that they might even be popping up in the community that you live in. The people made this change. Not the Plandemic. The people forced this change. It is also funny to note that if there is a Plandemic going on, massive police forces will be needed to make it happen. With cities all over the country inching closer and closer to defunding police, it kind of ruins the Plandemic narrative, or at the very least, the role of the protests within it.

  22. Joseph is one of my favorite author's.  Seeing that he was on HSC is what convinced me to be a member, especially when Youtube took down the interview.  

  23. Now let me debunk the conspiratorial talking points around the George Floyd murder. This is very easy to do and I think anyone who thinks about what I am saying will come to their senses. But I want people to stop the Plandemic narrative they have in their head. Just cool out a minute and just look at the facts. Don't let the triggering overcome you. Please. Just think.

    We know that a 17-year-old employee of Cup Foods calls the cops on George Floyd because they think he purchased cigarettes with a twenty dollar bill. This FACT (the kid calling the cops) is often left out of the narrative. It is very important. Because if this really was some kind of hit on Floyd, they would have to know Floyd was at the store. So, did the 17 year-old employee even know who Mister Floyd was? Did they tell the cops that it was Mister Floyd? Was the 17-year-old in on the conspiracy? See how silly this is getting? So 4 police officers come. If you believe conspiracy theorists like Mister Farrell, these 4 officers were part of the plan to assassinate Floyd. So, were these 4 officers randomly called and then coincidentally came down to Cup Foods to deal with the situation? Did they show up and say, "oh shit, here's out chance to kill him, glad the call came to us, the four people that want to assassinate him."?  Was it arranged that these four officers would come down? This narrative is getting sillier. 

    So, if these officers were in on "the plan" who are their masters? Conspiracy theorists say that the nightclub that Mister Floyd and Officer Chauvin worked in was a CIA front for counterfeiting and money laundering and "fill in the blank." The theory also states that there were intelligence ties to the Minneapolis Police Department. Mister Farrell seems to think that since Police Departments all over the country often use IDF training that they must suddenly now have intelligence connections. This is just stupid insinuation. To get back to things, was the entire police department compromised by the CIA? Just some of the officers? Just those four officers? Just middle-class, living in the suburbs Officer Chauvin? This theory is getting wackier. Theorists then claim that George Floyd was taken out because he was getting careless with the counterfeiting money. Okay. If true (it isn't, but let's pretend) then why not quietly take him out? Why make a public spectacle? And who ordered the hit and when? Did the CIA tell the Minneapolis Police to make the hit? Did the CIA tell the four officers to make the hit? Did the officers get a little secret phone call right before because the CIA was following George Floyd in an unmarked car? Once again, if someone was getting reckless on some shady activity, you would quietly take them out.

    But now, with the Plandemic fully in force, the CIA and Minneapolis PD decide to kill two birds with one stone and make this a public spectacle so that…so that…so that what exactly? That depends on which conspiracy theory you ask. Some say it was done to create race riots (unsuccessful). Some say it was done to create marshall law (unsuccessful). Some say it was being done to create curfews, which are being lifted soon (and WOW! a giant public murder to create curfews…some sneaky ass conspirators). If you ask Mister Farrell it was to do these things as well as divide Trump's base and create riots. I'm getting confused. Why would they want riots? Why would they want their Police Station torched? Why would they want the country to start talking about defunding the police? Why would they want the Minneapolis Police Department to publicly promise to defund the police within one year? None of that, nor any of the discussions on decolonization, systemic racism, etc would have been part of any authoritarian game plan. So how does any of this stupid conspiracy make any sense? 

    Oh, and I almost forgot. The El Nuevo Rodeo was then burned down in the riots because the evidence had to be eliminated. Or maybe that place was targeted because everyone already knew Officer Chauvin worked for that place. Also in the news was the fact that despite repeated outbursts by Officer Chauvin working security, he was never fired and was consistently hired back. Maybe conspiracy theorists need to be a little less racist and give outraged black people a little more credit. They freaking targeted the store.

    I love each and every one of you but please, don’t buy into this whole Plandemic psyop.





    1. I think it's important that we don't leap to assuming it's a racist position to think something is less than organic about how this all started. I've tried to be pretty clear that:

      1. The protests and outrage are completely justified, and systemic inequality goes back about as far back as America does. 

      2. There are some weird aspects to the George Floyd event, the catalyst for these protests. 

      Both can be true. 

      Right from the top, there is a flaw in saying that the kid working at Cup Foods who called the cops is left out of the story. It's not, in fact it's an important part:

      There are reports that the Cup Foods owner knew George Floyd as a regular. We also know that a 17 yr old kid saw something fishy about the money. So what does that mean? Sounds like the owner allows some transactions of counterfeit bills to pass through his store, or he's not as observant as a 17 yrs old kid. I absolutely don't think the kid was part of the conspiracy, I think that's where the operation was exposed. It's important, because if the owner had been there that day, it doesn't seem like cops would have been called at all. 

      I think there's a case to be made that:

      -The cops are called when a kid who isn't clued in on the usual scam sees something odd. 

      -When the call is made, officer Chauvin, who has the context for this whole operation says "I'll handle this one." 

      -They literally hold Floyd around until Chauvin arrives. Chauvin puts him down in a gross and inhumane way, because this operation must be covered up and locked down. Probably because he's ordered to by the sketchy people he's involved with. The other officers were just following their own orders. You see how not everyone has to be read in on it? It's a need-to-know kind of thing. You can easily be a police officer and know your commanding officer is into *something* without knowing what it is. 

      I'm not saying I know all this to be true, just that the way you're framing it is a little disingenuous.

      Other weird things: 

      -Floyd had a giant "Order out of chaos" chest tattoo.  

      -The fact that they both worked at this same club should not just be glossed over. 

      -The ownership of said club is less than straightforward. 

      Again, I don't know all of this to be true, but there are other ways to look at it all than the way you presented it. You can think the story is sketchy, and also want to see systemic wrongs righted.

      1. Greg, I don't wish to get into a back and forth about this as we both have better things to do. I will make one more response and be done.

        What proof have we that the owner of Cup Foods was allowing bad twenties to be passed through the store? There isn't any. Cup Foods is not connected to the nightclub in any way (assuming the nightclub might have been a counterfeit operation). So why is the default reaction that George Floyd was in a regular habit of passing bad twenty dollar bills to the store? Why couldn't this simply be his first unsuccessful attempt at Cup Foods? (Fun fact: I used to get my late-night burritos from Cup Foods when I lived a block away.)

        So, let's assume that a call was sent out to patrolling cars for a counterfeit bill at Cup Foods and Officer Chauvin takes the call. Since the above paragraph is complete speculation, to me it makes most sense that Chauvin just showed up and became the piece of shit abusive cop he was. That's the usual story of how it works. The man has a history of other shootings and aggressive tactics. Even the security place he worked for off-hours made claims of hot-headedness and aggressiveness. But you think Chauvin knowingly took the call because he heard the dispatch say, "we have reports that a black male tried to pass a bad twenty at the Cup Foods on Chicago and 38th." That assumes an awful lot based on no evidence at all. Let's say Chauvin is this sketchy dude part of some money laundering and drug running or whatever. Why publicly execute Floyd? Why would you not kill him in secret if it was such a big deal? It makes no sense. If public execution was necessary, it would have to mean that Chauvin knew that someday George Floyd would pass a bad check at Cup Foods and the wrong clerk would eventually be working and call the cops. It's a little silly to assume, don't you think? Floyd has no other history of passing counterfeit money. So how does Chauvin know this will eventually happen, which is essential to the "plandemic" narrative? 

        And I am not glossing over reports of them knowing each other. A recent report (today) said they did know each other and that they bumped heads. A co-worker claims this was because George Floyd was extremely upset about how Office Chauvin was aggressive within the club with some of the patrons, especially black people. So, perhaps Chauvin was especially hard on Floyd because Floyd spoke out about Chauvin's treatment of black people. I grew up with people like Chauvin, and many of those people are now cops in my hometown. Hot-headed racists get drawn to the profession.

        And the nightclub. Have you ever heard of a nightclub that didn't have sketchy ownership? I haven't. They often get used for side projects. I am not saying that is the case here, and I am basing that on zero evidence (and I have researched the owner and his past and come up with nothing out of the ordinary for a club owner), but how the heck did the CIA suddenly get involved with the nightclub? It is based on zero evidence. Zero.

        And the chest tattoo thing is a stretch. Even if he was a freemason or whatever, who cares? I think they have zero power today. And even if they were some nefarious organization today, do you think George Floyd is a high-ranking member?  Do you think a low-level mason signed a blood oath? And from my understanding of the Ordo Ae Chao tattoo is that it has an eagle with two heads. Floyd's has one. And it has what seems to be an AK47 (AK47 eagle tattoos are extremely common). Similar but so what? I have a tattoo that some people would be considered Illuminati. Guess what? I'm not. 

        And how do we mix up all the above and then leap into one of the main bullet points of the plandemic agenda? The uprisings have filled no major alleged agendas of said plandemic and appear to be doing quite the opposite. I don't need to rant on about these details as I already did it above.

        What I personally see is an unwitting attempt by many demographics to erase the agency that black people in these uprisings. The far-right blames outsiders and Antifa. Conspiracy culture blames outside forces named and unnamed (and police provocateurs), liberals blame outsiders and white nationalists and police provocateurs. All of these narratives take away the agency of black people and the real organic rage they channeled via tactics that were nonviolent and ones more riotous. I was there. I saw. My friends saw. This was simply many crisis points meeting at once and that spark was found in Minneapolis.

    2.  Look back through this person's posts throughout the show and you will see through him as a paid shill.  He does nothing but sow dissent and side track us away from the points the podcast guest has been sharing with us.  These people work in teams and are assigned to various podcasts and social media.  Greg should be flattered that somebody is threatened enough to sic one upon us.   

      1. Yeah Geri, I signed up on and and collect my weekly grand to sow dissent. Conspiracy culture could use people like me that push back on narratives that are weak and nonsensical. And yeah, I did a pretty good takedown of Max Igan and my minor quibbles about Nick Bryant seemed appreciated by the THC community. I also offer positive responses too (Pasulka-Walsh, Strieber, Daniel Immerwahr, etc) but maybe that's just the Illuminati providing cover? Oh, and I helped out with the long thread on permaculture somewhere on the forum. That's pretty positive. I left a lot of good links. I mean, the Illuminati did.

  24. Love Dr. Farrell but need to correct something he keeps referring to. There is no official ANTIFA organization. There is no “leadership”. Some of the paid agitators might have claimed to be ANTIFA but that’s similar to random shooters in the US claiming to act on behalf of ISIL. Declaring them a terrorist group would reveal a massively shallow understanding of what they even are. 

  25. Love the interview and am a big fan of Dr.  Farrel but I find some of his views extremely problematic.  Twice he encourages the labeling of antifa as domestic terrorists.  That’s quite a slippery slope that leaves the government with the ability to indefinitely detain its own citizens.  Not to mention they recently passed laws to label conspiracy theorists as domestic terrorists as well.  With the amount of news articles Farrel cites I’m surprised he’s not aware of this and is in fact championing locking up people that with a bit of word play could easily be members of this site.  No one finds that strange?  In this time of increasing hostility between right and left, which seems orchestrated to push people as far apart as possible, it bothers me that your guest is calling for further division.  I’m no antifa fan and believe the whole movement is manipulated, but obviously he knows that as well so I just find it strange that he would advocate locking up American citizens.  I was honestly expecting a more nuanced view from Farrel, seems more like a repetition of popular conspiracy theories that ignores the overall narrative of trying to push people farther and farther apart.  Not saying that’s his agenda, just seems weird is all.  Obviously police brutality is a huge problem, would be nice to see people actually come together on this one but seems like it’s just fanning the flames for further division. 

  26. You make a great point about the double-edged sword of labeling "domestic terrorists."  I admire Dr. Farrell immensely but we all have to think really hard about the importance of our words right now.

  27. Have no idea why this would be banned as this guy is diet woke to me – he thinks he KNOWS but really he just believes he knows..No humility and is stopped on the journey not to take another step forward. Not sure if I will continue subrscribing as been dissappointed in direction you are going with grey aliens and one world religion promoters. "We are waiting for someone or thing to save us". And all these questions on and on about them making plans that are not working – really?? Take that a few steps on and maybe it is deliberately waking us up. That takes you onto a whole new level. We need to step up not anyone else. I mean maybe the riots are part of the narrative – MAYBE!!?? Anyhow have been with you a while and loved some of your stuff but not so much recently.

  28. Great show with very insightful analysis of the current situation.

    I liked what Joseph said regarding tobacco.  Where I live in the peruvian Amazon tobacco is used as an essential part of healing ceremonies in the local shamanic tradition.  In fact there are certain shamanic practitioners called tabaquieros who only use tobacco in their healing ceremonies.  It is considered a beneficial and sacred plant here.  

  29. Hello Greg; great show; very informative; and a little of plasma and energy beings which made it real good! 
    I been listening to your shows for years and been a member for couple of years already; I don’t know if you even read those comments but I just want yo say as a paying listener please don’t Turn all leftist; don’t start supporting this extreme leftist violence and destruction and don’t go all extreme right wing either; just remain as you has been questioning both sizes with the Truth just like doctor RonPaul does! 🐝 

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