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David Icke | True Reality, Archon Control, & The Big Conspiracy

Show Notes

David Icke, a man who should need no introduction to a conspiracy crowd, finally joins THC for a trip down the winding rabbithole and an exploration of the many layers of the Big Conspiracy.

David has been a leader in this alternative movement for several decades now, and his books and lectures are some of the most popular and most fascinating on the scene.

You can follow his ongoing work on his website, or check out the many books he’s written, including my personal favorite, The David Icke Guide To The Big Conspiracy. (And How To End It.)

The new documentary about his life, Renegade, is available across most digital media platforms as well.

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“I see them as different masks on the same face”…. this whole interview hits differently in late 2020. ✌🏽

Erik Santos


Sam Starr

… Greg, you are also the Man… can we get him back on?

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