About The Higherside Chats Podcast

The Higherside Chats is an interview based podcast where Greg Carlwood (that’s me.) drinks a little drink, smokes a little smoke, and sits down for conversations with the best researchers, authors, and experts on a whole host of conspiracy, paranormal, and all around fringe topics. With 5 shows each month, topics include corporate corruption, dissecting the plans of the planet’s puppet masters, MK Ultra mind control, alien abductions, alternative history, choas magick, ancient traditions, underground bases, Atlantis, The Bermuda Triangle, Hollow Earth theories, the occult,  secret pacts with ET races, off the grid living, spirituality, escaping the rat race, transhumanism, psychedelics, fractional reserve banking, and the examination of a plethora of bullshit spewing from the finely tuned, total control machine of the shadowy global elite.

As a fan of both podcasts and conspiracy culture,  I try to take the best of both and avoid some of the major annoyances many people have with them, to the best of my ability. Things like:

-Poor audio quality

-Unnecessary fear mongering/yelling

-Lengthy, off-the-cuff introductions that stall the interviews

-The same 5 corporate ads in every episode

-Hosts who haven’t done enough research into a subject or guest to make good conversation

-The same surface level questions: (How did you get interested in conspiracy?! So you believe in aliens?!)

-Unedited conversations (The best TV shows, Movies, and Music is all edited. Why shouldn’t the best podcasts be too?)

It’s these little things that I find annoying in even my favorite shows, and I do my best to avoid them.

If you’re a fan of shows like Coast to Coast AM, Alex Jones, Red Ice Radio, Mysterious Universe, and Ground Zero -I’m sure you’ll enjoy The Higherside Chats.


After dabbling with the Devil’s temptations, I’m not longer accepting outside offers for advertising. It never seems to be worth it, and only hurts the quality and flow of a podcast.

External Links:

You can view any and all episodes of THC on the YouTube channel if the site is ever having problems: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheHighersideChats

You can check out my clothing brand at: http://www.Conspiratees.net

You can friend me on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/TheHighersideChats

You can follow me on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/HighersideChats

Greg Carlwood’s Contact Info

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheHighersideChats

E-mail is: TheHighersideChats@gmail.com or use TheHighersideChatsTeam@gmail.com for any technical questions or problems.

Snail Mail: Greg Carlwood – PO Box: 635223 – San Diego, CA 92163

Please contact me regarding anything. I try to get back to as many as I can, but it’s getting harder all the time!

Thank you:

All that said, thanks so much for letting me feel special. I’m just an average stoner that loves to dig deep down the rabbit hole and doesn’t like the direction the world is going. I appreciate every nano-second of attention that is paid to this modest little project. I’m not perfect, but I do what I can to give alternative ideas and authors a fair shake. I hope I can share some interesting stories, alternative news, intelligent guests, quality clothing, and by all means a few good jokes along the way.

You’re welcome.

-G. Carlwood.

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