What is the difference between free THC and THC+ episodes?

Since launching THC+ back in 2015, Greg Carlwood continues to provide the first hour of all THC episodes for free.

THC+ episodes are typically around 2 hours long and contain the guest interview in its entirety.

The free first hour of all THC episodes is available to everyone on our website and you can subscribe to the free first hour THC show directly from all major podcast aggregator services such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or TuneIn.

THC+ episodes are not indexed and not available in the above-listed podcast aggregator services meaning you can’t just go to Spotify or Apple podcasts and search for The Higherside Chats to hear THC+ episodes.

To gain access to THC+ episodes, you must first subscribe to THC+ here, then follow our step-by-step THC+ listener guide to get started enjoying the full THC+ experience.