How To Subscribe To THC+

There are a few ways to subscribe to THC+:

  1. The best way to subscribe to THC+ is by purchasing a subscription directly from our website here which provides you with the fully-featured THC+ experience.

  2. From Patreon: Alternatively, we offer streamlined access to THC+ episodes through Patreon here

    The Patreon THC+ subscription does not include
     access to the THC+ section of our main website which includes, THC+ bonus content, THC Forum Access.

    The THC+ Patreon subscription is a good fit for people who already support other content creators via Patreon and prefer to have access to all content creators including THC+ via one Patreon account. 

    The THC+ Patreon subscription is also an alternative for people who only are only able to pay online via PayPal since we no longer support PayPal payments on our main THC website. 

  3. Alternative Payment Methods: For people who don’t have access to traditional methods of payment, we offer some additional alternatives for those willing to prepay for THC+ yearly here.