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Cal Washington | The InPower Movement, Babylonian Commerce, & The Notice Of Liability

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About Today’s Guest:

Cal Washington is the founder/CEO of the InPower Movement, an organization that helps people resist campaigns like Smart Meters, 5G Towers, & Vaccination mandates, through a Notice of Liability process, and a renegotiation of the terms of these “deals.”

The InPower community is culturally, governmentally, and geographically diverse, but has a common bond: the need to have authority over one’s health and home. Regardless of where you live in the world today, people have fewer choices when it comes to certain technology and services, and often have no choices when it comes to medical interventions with no recourse for bodily harm.

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PLUS Content

  • The importance of jurisdiction and knowing where you are.
  • The spiritual jurisdiction.
  • The triple crown control structure.
  • The Canadian Goose Fallacy.
  • NASA lies.
  • Jailbreaking the Earth.
  • Codifying the Bible and burying the secret truth.
  • The fallen angels plan to breed in to humanity for access to higher realms.
  • Defaulting the Queen.
  • Is AI a container for the demon?
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Let’s Go! Thanks for posting

Todd ryan

Yooooo, you GOTTA get gary wayne on here! Especially after this episode and the last episode with Gordon white. Love these kind of episodes man!

Todd ryan

I posted his suggestion in the guest suggestion spot in the forum. Left his website, a good intro video link ,and a link to some of his other guest appearances.

Todd ryan

I listened to like 40 hours of his stuff on my round trip from CA<–>TX…theres soooo much material. Aliens, nephilim, fairies, fallen angels, secret societies, ancient bloodlines, the build up to the ani christ, Tartaria. The man is an encyclopedia and never gets tired f doing interviews and answer questions,

Todd ryan

To make it easy for anyone else who may wanna check this guy out

Any if those interviews will be worth it


Author of the Genesis 6 Conspiracy. He goes deep into the history of the bloodlines. Also a very nice guy and responded to a few questions I sent him after listening to one of his interviews.

mark sims

The x files season 10 episodes 1 and 6 definitely told us what they were doing. It even said “I want to lie” when it usually says I want to believe at the beginning. It’s still on Hulu. Episode 6 My Struggle 2 Originally aired on 2-22-16 I’m betting it all plays out before 2-22-22

Thomas Willcutts

Look … Cal might believe in what he’s saying and have his heart in the right place, but it’s mostly nonsense. I am a red pill attorney with over 35 years Trial experience, principally against Wall Street. I have done programs with Richard Grove, Kevin Barrett and James Corbett, so you can trust that I’m on the right side. If you ever have any questions about Law – I can answer them for you. As best I can tell, the whole “Sovereign Citizen” movement is an FBI psyop. Just like Flat Earth and Q-Anon are also likely psyops. The Sovereign Citizen psyop is traceable to an FBI Informant, and it was inspired by the FBI’s Legal disaster with Randy Weaver and their determination that such never happen again. Weaver ended up with one of America’s top lawyers in the aftermath of Ruby Ridge – Gerry Spence, despite that fact that he was an anti-government, separatist loner. He beat the criminal charges against him and won $1,000,000 against the FBI – all because he was steered to the best legal talent available. With the success of the Sovereign Citizen psyop, the great majority of Randy Weaver-type separatists no longer pose a legal threat to the FBI specifically and the government generally. – Tom Willcutts

Sarah Smith

Someone had to say it….

Thomas Willcutts

There are good attorneys out there fighting against government and corporate tyranny. Pam Popper described such efforts in her 8/6/21 interview about fighting the Covid Legal Battles. And Carey Gillam in her 9/12/21 interview spoke of the good attorneys fighting against Big Agra and Monsanto and how the only effective Regulation of Corporate abuses is through the legal system. For my part, I take on Wall Street and the banks. The Regulators of these Industries are all “Captured,” and so private attorneys waging battles against those Industries is one of the last lines of defenses. RFKJr.’s group is litigating all over the Country. These are the battles that matter and you cannot effectively fight these battles with meaningless tactics like standing outside the courtroom until the judge sits down …. as though such a gesture has any significance of any kind, though it appears Cal believes it does, proving that the FBI psyop is Effective.


whats your opinion on the notice of liabilities? Lena pu has also had success using them. I didn’t get the vibe Cal was doing the sovereign citizen thing, but more so the NoL movement. I’m meeting w a local Standup group who has been serving NOL’s to my local government. I’ll be curious what their experience has been.

Thomas Willcutts

To Greg and KCMama – Look – in all my years as a trial attorney, I have never before encountered a “Notice of Liability” document amongst the thousands of cases I have litigated of many different varieties. So I just searched the combined databases for all State and Federal cases, and only 502 cases turned up this phrase, which is a minuscule number, given Cal’s assertion of its significance. Moreover, for the cases I found with the phrase, it was used in a very specific manner within very specific Statutes – mostly Tax statutes, where a taxpayer is given formal notice of a tax liability. It’s also used for motor vehicle infractions, where instead of being stopped and given a ticket – your vehicle is caught on camera or other modern technology, and the owner of the car is given a “notice of liability” of the infraction. So I also searched “Notice of Liability” combined in the same paragraph as “Common Law,” which turned up only 11 cases – none of which were relevant to Cal’s points. So I see no evidence that the document has the legal significance that Cal asserts. And it’s his assertion – he should come forward with some evidence himself to support it.

HOWEVER – There are many features of Civil and Criminal law where it makes a difference what a Defendant’s state of mind is when he or she engages in some form of misconduct. Being able to prove that a Defendant had actual knowledge (or notice) of the harm being caused removes the prospect of the Defendant arguing ignorance of that harm. So putting a potential defendant on notice of certain facts simply establishes knowledge on behalf of the Defendant. There is no special tool or legal device that one must use to establish a defendant’s knowledge – you can have a friend testify that they heard the Defendant admit knowledge at a Party.

So it’s possible that people receiving a “Notice,” as described by Cal, had the effect of either (1) educating an ignorant person who, armed with new knowledge, no longer wanted anything further to do with the enterprise at issue or (2) intimidated someone where there is now a paper trail to prove their knowledge. Either is certainly possible, but it’s not because Cal has secret knowledge of a secret document that has magical qualities.

Thomas Willcutts

An example of that point would be the poisonous qualities of Flint MI water. If you send a certified letter of lab test results to the people in charge …. yes that can make a difference, but again, there is no magical way to deliver such facts or prove that the targeted individuals have knowledge of the facts. It’s what we call a “Fact Issue” – not a “Legal Issue,” and Cal’s discussion makes it sound like his “Notice of Liability” letters have Legal Significance, instead of Factual Significance. Their function would be factual – not legal.

Sarah Smith

I’ll be the first to admit I was duped by this. I wanted it to be true. Sadly, there are no successes. No payouts or liabilities have been paid. I personally reached out to various people within InPower and it didn’t sound to me like they ‘won’ anything. It seemed to me like the NoL created an endless series of paperwork for them even after they ‘won.’ That is not freedom! My conclusion is that you can file all this paperwork and no one gives a s$!t and you can spend your life filing claims and mailing declarations but nobody cares. You can check out of Hotel California but you can never leave. Find ways to live free in an unfree world. A bit negative but my ultimate conclusion. *best*


I heard him say that no payouts are ever made. The purpose here is not to make $1 million, it is to avoid being forced to have a smart meter. So the purpose is to have an action thrown out if there is one against you. Or to be able to issue a writ mandamus to swap the smart meter for an analog meter.


You are lumping apples and oranges into the same group- sure they are both fruit but one is a pome and the other hesperidia or citrus. Entirely different etymology. The Anna von Reitz group is definitely a cult, FBI psyop but I know of people who have had a great deal of success against your masonic cult, aka bar association and court system, understanding jurisdiction thoroughly. Cal has had years of success utilizing these understandings.

There is no such thing as Qanon. There was a military intelligence operation consisting of 10 people (3 military, 7 various intelligence operatives) who posted online as “Q” and many anonymous (anons) posters who asked questions or made statements in response. There is now an independent researcher who did not read ANY of the Q posts who has developed a series of articles on Devolution which, as it turns out, supports much if not all of the Q map. There are currently 12 articles under PatelPatriot. If you have an open mind, you might look them up. Flat Earth? Well, I don’t see that in the conversation with either of the above.

Thomas Willcutts

It seems you were composing your post near the time I posted my last two above – so perhaps I should give you the chance to absorb and reply.

In the meantime, I confess I do not know who Anna von Reitz is … a competitor of Cal’s? 🙂

Name one “success” of Cal’s – beyond perhaps doing something that caused a judge to flee the bench …. lol – sorry – you sure he didn’t just have restroom emergency? 🙂

As for me …. I am not a member of the Masons or some other Cult – any more than you are. And show me “just one” victory based upon jurisdiction. I know how to win on jurisdiction. I have an Appeal pending right now against Goldman Sachs that I will win on jurisdiction, and when I do win – I can prove it, because you’ll be able to read the case. outcome.

Last edited 13 days ago by Thomas Willcutts

Cal is close to understanding common law.
Then he gets in the weeds with the god bull$/“,.
You have to first straiten out your status, standing , and jurisdiction issues with some lawful filings to the Secretary of State and others.
Then once in court you don’t let the judge drag you into his jurisdiction.
Once your status, standing, and jurisdiction are in order, the law does not apply to you.
Once you claim your minor trust your free as a human can be.
Yes, it’s true, at your birth they really did illegally converted you to a citizen from a National.
When they did that, the Constitution does not apply to you. Stripping you of all rights instead giving you privileges they could easily deny you.
They really did take out a million dollars of insurance on you at that time along with a trust of a million dollars. The invest that trust your entire life making millions they use to run the country.
Since it was an illegally conversation at the time of your birth, you are entitled to half that trust.
Lets talk.

Lazarus Wolf

Thomas Willcutts

“Once your status, standing, and jurisdiction are in order, the law does not apply to you.”

Lazarus – what’s your source for this claim? Whatever it is, I can assure you it’s not based in reality.

Last edited 13 days ago by Thomas Willcutts
cat gardner

Fascinating!! It’s really helpful to hear someone explain a way of shifting the frame/paradigm/etc. through which the average person (like me) understands how the world works.

Greg, a serious question. Do you have transcripts of your shows, and would you be open to having a crew of people who could take the transcript from a show like this and research connections to info guests have shared on other shows?

I think a ton of puzzle pieces of the big picture/real story must be right out there in the open. The important work now, imho, is to collaborate on piecing them together.


I just bought Mel Fabregas’ (now Hostalrich) from Veritas Radio’s book, Veritas Scriptum: The Truth Is Written – Volume 1: Veritas Radio Interview Transcripts. I obviously wasn’t paying close attention when I purchased it, because I was thinking it was going to be more of an autobiography of Mel’s, but I guess if you like conspiracy podcast interview transcripts, you might like this book (at least until Greg puts out one as well, as you suggest).


Definitely a better presenter of this tier of legal conspiatorium than David Wynn-Miller. I actually liked the supernatural, spiritual-dimensions or ‘as above, so below’ legality conversations. I find them perhaps even more plausible than we’re all under mercantile law, or the admiralty law/gold fringe on American flags shtick (which, for all I know, might be legit as well).
I’ve wondered about class action suits against academic institutions (and, of course, for people employed by businesses and corporations), who will not allow you to attend in-person classes or visit the campus without these covid tyrannical restrictions (or the threat of unemployment and other work-related consequences for similar reasons). Should I let my college professors drop me from courses I signed up for in-person, letting them know that I will not comply with the institution’s testing and vax-verification restrictions, and ‘threatening’ them with potential legal suits, class-action or otherwise (will they counter with not dropping me and giving me a failing grade, or flag me for a domestic terrorist and report me the FBI and ban me from being able to attend school altogether?)? It seems you’re entering into a murky world of nebulous, irregular warfare footing here when doing this, despite it still being (subjectively superficially) on the up-and-up’, legal and due-process route-wise with regards to solving conflict.
Like I think Greg mentioned at one point in the show, one has to pick their battles. Where and when and how do we ‘fight’ this global, tyrannical menace, presenting itself in this iteration as biodigital police state overreach.
I’m definitely interested in legal avenues of combating the NWO aggressors in these instances, however. I don’t mind the more wacky conspiratorial legal conversations, but perhaps peppering in some more ‘grounded’ conversations with legal experts, lawyers and plaintiffs, etc., who might have theories and insights on how to argue and fight through the legal system these mandates and agendas-through-other-mechanisms might be warranted as well. With as corrupt and imbalanced as I assume the legal system in the U.S. and Western nations are, however, it’s likely these types of guests would be even fewer and farther between to find* than your run-of-the-mill ‘whack-a-do’ sovereign citizen ‘legal expert’ type (no offense to Cal).

*Well, I guess there’s Tom in the comments…

Last edited 13 days ago by SteveD

My college is requesting input from students regarding the vaxx mandates. Any suggestions, if one were to write or call in colorful commentary?

“The Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting on Thurs., Oct. 21 at 5:30 p.m. As requested by our campus community, the special meeting will provide more time for public comments, campus COVID-19 update, and consideration of a new campus policy on vaccinations…”

Ceven Seven

My employer is mandating certain experimental medical procedure compliance by Oct 15.
I am working on drafting a religious exemption document.
Found some resources on The Secret Teachings and Catherine Fitts Solari report.
Wish me well, good luck out there.

Ceven Seven

Mr. Carlwood –
Apropos of Contracts:
Why concede or consent to granting a “move” to the Predators Class at the closing of your shows? This class has had generations of moves with Cosby-esque consent from the masses. I say grant and concede them no more “moves” at all.


I’d suggest an interview with Legalman@uslawreview, for a great (honest) perspective on how the law really “works” in cases like this.
He’s a “black-pilled” lawyer with over 35 years practicing.
He has a podcast “the quash”, if anyone wants to check him out.
I’d highly recommend.


What I don’t quite understand is he went through all of this process with the end result of…nothing? It’s a little disheartening to find out about these ways to fight back but at the end of the day it’s a big nothingburger anyway. Awesome episode though super interesting!


So you’re just going to believe those bickering lawyers? I’m going to try it with a smart meter.


No my point is that Greg asked if anyone had been paid out and he said No, never. I’m not bashing the process and definitely not bashing the whole idea and spirit behind fighting back but it seems like the system just does what it wants regardless ya know?


That was great Greg… once again.
I do appreciate your work….. even though I’m in Aus’, with this we’re all in together…
doing the research and standing our ground is the go… and keeping ourselves clear of past and present spirits unhelpful and wishes we’ve made that keep us bound… doing the work is worth it… woo hoo getting closer to
Carlwood baby land ♥️🦚♥️



GREG I just want to know who this Christienne Northrup is with the article about the five therapeutics

Steven Sopaul Lal



The ancient symbol for SLAVE AIS $. Makes sense doesn’t it?

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