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Announcing: The Marketing Budget Moneybomb

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OG fans know that the THC Moneybomb was one of the most creative things I’ve ever done to grow the show: Giving half the “donation” pool back to a random listener each month. It was gambling, but I had an idea of how we can bring back the spirit of it in a way that might benefit you, me, and the work of our guests. I’m going to take the money I planned to allocate to marketing, and instead give away $500 every episode to a random listener. The hope is that the spirit of this idea mobilizes the audience to help with growing the show in the way a conventional ad spend/marketing agency is supposed to do, but without the middle men. Listen to the announcement to hear the logistics of how it works, what I will consider success to be, and how to make sure you’re in the running. If it doesn’t work, it was a fun idea, and at least it’s a marketing budget that might find a better home. If it does work, it might flip the script on what a good marketing strategy is, and how money can flow both ways between podcasts and their audiences.

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