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Alex Trismegistus | Stolen History, The World’s Fairs, & The Last Reset

Topics Covered: Big Picture Conspiracy, Ether, Hidden History, Hidden Knowledge, Secret Science

Show Notes

Alex AKA Trismegistus is a researcher, contributor, and moderator of, an amazing user-generated exploration of the idea that most of history has been fabricated by the parasite class, and there may have once been a more unified, advanced culture that was wiped away from our memory banks.

The Stolen History youtube channel was recently removed, but you can still see their highly recommended 3 part documentary series on their Odysee Channel:


PLUS Content

  • Painting a picture of the pre-parasite world.
  • Who built the star forts and star cities nobody talks about?
  • Egyptology & Napoleon.
  • Tesla & Einstein.
  • The Dark Ages challenge.
  • Alex’s thoughts on Anatoli Fomenko.
  • Tartaria & Scothia.
  • The old Island of California.
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