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THC 20: The Spirit Science Council | The Spirit Science Series & Manifesting Reality

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Kyle and Greg have a chat with Jordan, Tori, Tyler, and Lilly of To talk about their adventurous and nomadic lifestyle, meditation, and manifesting your own reality. Boom.


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This is a pre-Plus episode. It’s all here, baby!

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  1. I really like the spirit science guys and all of there videos. Self suffficiecy is the anti money, anti corporate way of bringing about Christ consiousness. Once one achieves that, then one can help his neighbor. From that, sickness,disease, poverty, hunger, etc., will flee from us. But unfortunately until an economic collapse happens, people will not see the truth. And for many, at that point, it will simply be too late. Planting a garden is alligning yourself with universal energy. Buying food is supporting and creating false entities which feed us and become god to us. Growing is prolife and is love. And if Americans didnt sell there land birthrights away through unsoverign unconstitutional illegal property taxation, we could own land outright and grow our own food and be in line with nature and not need the false form of energy called man made money. Solar, wind, plants, symbiotic relationships between humans, plants and animals, these are all true forms of energy in which we should serve.

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