A whole lot of fun stuff is packed into the first THC of 2015! Our Hollow Earth professor, Dean Dominic DeLucia returns to expand on the Hollow Earth case we made in our first show:

THC 107: Dean Dominic DeLucia | The Hollow Earth, Cavern Worlds, & The Beings Below

We start off talking more about the arctic opening, the formation of icebergs, and modern Mammoths from the Inner Earth. Dean then walks us through several interesting stories of creatures, green children, giants, and hidden cities under the surface of our planet.

In the Plus show, Dean talks about some stories of lost Atlantian settlements in North and South America, including one previously unfindable location that Dean might have cracked the case on himself. We also talk about the legends of large Amazonian women warriors that also might have had a strong presence down below. All in all, it’s my kind of THC.

Check out Dean’s website and books at: http://www.holloworbs.com/ and http://www.gravedistractions.com/dean-dominic-de-lucia.php