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Walter Bosley | Esoteric Napoleon, Malta’s Hypogeum, & The Great Pyramid

Show Notes

Almost everyone has heard of Napoleon Bonaparte, but Walter Bosley has written a great new book in his Secret Missions Series entitled,  The Esoteric Napoleon, dedicated to diving into Napoleon’s lesser known interests, his trip to Malta, his exploration of the Great Pyramid, his secret bloodline lineage, and the interesting alternative to the story that he died in exile.

Making his 4th appearance on THC, Walter Bosley is also world traveling author and explorer of extraordinary phenomena. He has served as a counterintelligence specialist during the final years of the Cold War for the FBI and served as a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations running counterespionage operations.

For the past seven years, Walter has been a personal security and anti-terrorism consultant for corporate and private clients around the world. In addition, he’s also the man behind Lost Continent Library Publishing. Their books can now be purchased through Lulu.

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excellent interview. i am signing up today for the full series. i too, appreciate Napolean. there is another in the 20th century that was destroyed by the British,


Fascinating interview! I am very ignorant about Bonaparte, had no idea that he was looking for information about the ancient civilisation/s.
Then the Society of Lizards… When Walter pointed out that ‘the Prussians’ had once been the Scythians my attention went up several notches. I’m sure I’ve heard Ralph Ellis and Michael Tsarion on this subject. Got to go back and check that out.
I can fully believe that Napoleon was at the receiving end of a load of hysterical propaganda from the British aristos and royals. I’m half Irish/half English and there are no limits that I’d place on that crowd for sheer brutality and vileness. They are capable of anything imo. Still are. Loathsome fuckers.
Sorry, mini-rant over.

Great job Greg. I’m going to have to get this book 🙂

Ps: What was the name of the book Walter was referring to? The one written in the 1930s which detailed the Prussians’ MO for destroying and taking over rival countries? I need that book!


Found the book:
The Thousand Year Conspiracy by Paul Winkler. Published 1937.
Hard copies are prohibitively expensive but there are free PDFs available.


Great interview. Can’t wait for more of Bosley. Definitely looking into monge’s point too

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