Joshua Shapiro Crystal Skulls Interview on The Higherside Chats podcast

THC 24: Joshua Shapiro | Crystal Skulls & The Paranormal

Show Notes


Today, Higherside Chatters, I’m honored to speak with Joshua Shapiro to talk about his work and experiences with Crystal Skulls and the paranormal, as well as his supernatural experiences with mediums and strange energies. Josh also senses and describes my spirit guide and lets me converse with a Crystal Skull itself! Hollow Earth! Atlantis! Channeling! Brace yourself! Boom.

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And thanks to Jason Newcomb for the closing song “Birth” from his upcoming Mother Box EP –

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  1. Rarely have I come across a man so endearingly humble as Joshua. This podcast made me want to meet him. He just seems like a really nice guy. In this world of the outré, you come across all sorts of strange and unusual (and fascinating) folks, but I nominate Joshua as “guy most likely to relax and have a beer with you and make you feel comfortable”.

  2. Very interesting interview. Very zen. Makes you really open your mind to new ideas. Unfortunalely, I just learned that my spirit guide was a deaf mute, so we are having a hard fucking time communicating.

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