Paul Kimball Other Side of Truth Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

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After a lengthy 30 minute pre-game, occasional co-host Jake Bender and I are joined by the great, Paul Kimball, to discuss the various manifestations of the non-human intelligence that seems to be responsible for most things paranormal, and Paul’s perspective that these motifs may be a form of artistic expression.

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  1. This guy is an illusionist by trade and believes the pretty light show is innocent. Satan is the deceiver of light. He made references to the U.N. doing good deeds and the Rockefellers in heaven as well as the lack of a cure for cancer. I dont need to tell you about the wickedness of the U.N. nor of the Rockefellers but what you may not know is that cancer is very curable and we do know the causes and the cure. I heard much subliminal talk from this man and I saw through his deception. These types always give some truths in exchange for lies. This is the first guest of yours that I really did not like.

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