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Dr. Matt Mumber stops by for a chat with me about his book, Sustainable Wellness: An  Intergrative Approach To Transform Your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Dr. Mumber assesses my terrible diet and health, and helps to motivate me towards making better choices and being more aware. A lesson, hopefully, we can all take the time to think about and learn from. Then Night Shining plays us out with a track called “Let Me Sleep”

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  1. A non gmo, organic plant based protien shake takes thirty seconds to blend and is the best and easiest way to kick start your health. Garden of life and vitamineral green products are one of the best. Dont stop smoking weed and if you are worried about alcohol then change away from eugenics beer like coors or bud and go organic micro brew darker beers. I take valerian root in pill form for a natural downer as well as kava root for meditation. I agree with plant based vs animal based however eating non organic salad will give you cancer. Does nobody understand eugenics or what? Organic meat is 100 times better than vacitated, growth hormoned, gmo corn eating, fesies standing, e-coli growing cow meat. There is no question plants that are high in condensed sunlighight are the cure to all diseases. But unless one understands bio-chemical warefare, there is no hope. Eating chemically laced salads will kill you… lol

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