Jordan Maxwell Conspiracy Occult Law Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

THC 105: Jordan Maxwell | The Conspiracy To Own You & The Occult Language Of Law

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As conspiracy legend, Jordan Maxwell, slowly returns from his 4 years of silence, he joins the podcast to talk about the meaning behind some common language we use, maritime Law, and the truth about the elite’s legal framework that grants them ownership over humanity. Jordan also discusses the technology, motivations, and secrets of the shadowy overlords.

In the second hour, we get more personal with Jordan and give him time to address the people and inform them of the troubles he’s been dealing with for the past 4 years.

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  1. I love the show but this was the worst guest ever. The only only conspiracy he didn’t link to was Disney and the Illuminati. He sounds like he was trippin’ on acid. Glad this was a unique incident.

  2. You’re the one trippin. What show were you listening to?? I thought it was a great show! Really feel for the guy too after losing everything to that scumbag. Dude’s an ICON and hope everything gets cleared up with him so he can drop that terrabyte of new info on us!

  3. Great Show. I liked the way he decrypted the method on how the Elites financially enslave us! Also the theme seemed to link with the Other ex-banker guest who Greg met at the last conference. A lot of what was decrypted and deciphered went along with my own personal research into the Illuminati… Good Show. Keep it up..!

  4. Great Show. Jordan Maxwell is amazing! I sincerely hope his attorney can throw that maggot con artist in prison and give Jordan his life back. He is far too valuable to be sleeping on a floor and having to deal with this kind of crap!

    Clearly, Lynn is a troll.

  5. I was never a catholic but a nun whom was a friend of a friend of mine sat me down when I was just a teenager and pretty much gave me the same talk as Maxwell does here she said knowing all of of this will lead you to faith because you will realize it’s all you really can own. She told me to have faith in my God given soul it’s a gift.She said there are higher up groups that knowingly sell their souls to own others. They deal in souls like commodities. These people are everywhere waiting for you to sell yours cheap…THEY do serve Satan. Thank you Mary…your right.

  6. There is so much I have to say about this episode but I will try n keep this as short as I can… first off, great topic! These laws are extremely important for all of us to learn in order to take back control of ourselves and our lives! But the sad part about this whole conversation is how incredibly hopeless and pessimistic Jordan is:( The thing he neglected to mention is these laws do not apply to humans when they represent themselves as natural persons! These are not universal laws, these are man made laws (or created by other worldy entities) that are put into place to mind fuck humans into a system of codependence, distraction, and to keep us busy on the external physical world instead of learning who we really are and explore the internal world! Since we are not taught these laws, what they are and why they exist (just simply to obey them), we dont understand the moment we get anything like a birth certificate, a drivers license, a bank account, anything… we automatically change from a natural person to a corporation and then you have to play the game. Its tricky but we are NOT to dumb and we CAN take back control if we learn how this works. We have a lot of learning to do, not just about the laws and how they work but to also teach ourselves how to be self sufficient without the system. They go hand in hand. This is not a new idea to me and I have spent years thinking about what changes we would need to make in order to take back control of ourselves and live to our highest potential and it honestly starts with the basics. Getting off the system and becoming self sufficient which most people do not want to do because that means giving up all of the luxuries $ can buy. BUT if enough people grow a set and actually do it, we can rebuild all of those luxuries without their system. We can’t go to war with the elite, we will never win but the only reason the system works in the first place is because we allow it. If we simply walk away from it and rebuild our own, the system ceases to exist. And they cant do anything about it if we do because their laws only apply to corporations, not natural persons. Kymatica & Esoteric Agenda by Ben Stuart are 2 great movies that I recommend to everyone and Ben would also be an awesome guy to have on your show! I have looked for communities that are like minded and already established and honestly am not to fond of any of them. They are either another type of system with strict rules that totally defeats the purpose of living freely and out love and passion etc… or just very amish like and lack any sort of modern day living and luxuries. Id like to start my own. Ive thought about this in quite a bit of detail but its a lonely road… I wish there were enough people who felt the same way that were passionate and talented in all different areas so we could get down to business and start rebuilding… anyways, just wanted to share my 2 cents. Great show as always, so glad I found your channel! <3

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