Lyle Blackburn Cryptozoology Lizard Men Interview on The Higherside Chats Conspiracy Podcast

THC 102: Lyle Blackburn | Cryptozoology, Lizard Men, & Mysterious Monsters

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Renowned Cyptid hunter and investigator, Lyle Blackburn joins THC to talk about Lizard Men, The Beast of Boggy Creek, Flying Humanoids, Sea Creatures, and several other accounts of strange sightings of unknown creatures.

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  1. Fantastic show you are putting on bud, I love it. Im a very new listener and im already checking the site constantly for new episodes to wrap my head around. Im up in OC wondering what my homie Greg Carlwood in SD is gonna be talking about net! Anyways just wanted to speak a few positive words to you to show my appreciation. Feel free to use any of my music from the site I provided, should you feel so inclined. Thanks!!!

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